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Uhm.. So, how, again, did I overlook this?

(Labor Day weekend... Seriously, how did this post not happen until over a week later?)

The Beauties:
final socks 003.jpg
Notice how (nearly) perfectly those stripes match up. That wasn't luck... well, actually, it was: luck with ball winding, snipping, and faith in the joins.

The Detail:
final socks 007.jpg

The funny thing:
I started Mendon's tonight.. and woo boy, they have been an uphill battle. Yanked out a needle in the worst of places, had to rip out 5-6 rows... Optimism and good hopes for tomorrow with the socks.
Oh, and did I mention that I get confused about whether or not I'm actually knitting a hat instead???


I love you. They're beautiful. I'm intimidated by your ability to create fabulous pieces of art, seemingly, on a whim.

I think Kristen was a spider in a past life.

Maybe. Considering her fear of spiders, she must have had some bad experiences. Especially because she's often making me kill them. Perhaps she was a silkworm or a sheep (after all, she occasionally wonders whether or not she can convince me that a dwarf sheep is really a dog).