New couch picture one:
new couch.jpg

Fabric swatch:

Ah, how nice it feels. Mission: finally freaking done.

On slightly depressing, I-don't-want-to-talk-about-this-yet notes, I have another project in the queue. It involves destroying a winter pull-over right in the middle of it in the hopes of adding functionality to the whole thing (a zipper!). But, at least now I'm allowing myself to practice again.


Gorgeous! I really like what you did with it. Yet another reincarnation of the sofa that just doesn't die! :-)

Wow! Why didn't I do that? But never mind, you did and it looks ever so much better. Now if only you could make the seating more comfortable.

I did! How great! I bought some foam and put it on the bottoms of the 3 bottom cushions. It makes a noticable difference, too. :) Yay for foresight.

And, thank you for the compliments. I'm quite happy with it, too.

I like the fabric you picked out! Good job, it looks really nice.

THAT is talent!

You are incredibly talented. It looks so nice.......can I sit on it?Sleep om it.....? Come for dinner? oooooh dinner......doh!!!