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This is a photo of the Shrine of the Bab that my mother took while she was here last winter. It had just rained - I hope you can see the rainbow! In fact, if you really look closely, there are actually two rainbows.

[yes folks, I changed my template just to bring you this photo!]


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But where is the Shrine?

I had to refresh and then I could see it. It is beautiful, just as I remember it.
Thank you for finding it.

It's one thing to look at this in wonder and awe. It's another to remember having stood at approximately that spot to get a similar (though less cloudy) look at the shrine. It's so amazing. Also, I really would appreciate commentary/discussion on the cartoons that I post. One of the reasons that I post at all is that my family will then use my post as an excuse for a discussion. I rarely get any feedback on my cartoons. Do you think the drawing is too lewd? Do you not get it? Do you think that it's just not funny? Do you think that it's hysterical? let me know. I really do live for feedback.

Oh, Maman returned a phone tag to me to let me know that everything is going well and that she's moving on to the next thing. I hope to speak with her soon.

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