Birthday dessert



This was scrumptious. A chocolate pudding cake with roasted pears and ice cream - yummy! We all shared it.


Mara looks just beautiful in this picture! I can here her laughter. When it comes to her own person and things that benefit her personally, my sister is one of the most unassuming and unselfish people I know. When it comes to matters of principle, she has a backbone of utter steel. I would rather face the machinations of Jesuits than run up against my sister. Who is, by the way, a genius, in case you haven't read her thesis, which I just finished. Highly recommended.

Actually, I can hear her laughter, rather than here it. *sigh* Every day I pray to the Lord for talent, and every day he points out that while Ben Affleck still walks the earth there are men in more desparate need than me.

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