Learning to Pray

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Ive started saying my prayers in the Shrines differently, and its really exciting for me. In my mind, when Im praying for someone I picture them. So, Id picture my parents, then move on to Nae in his apartment the locale helped me. But I found I was still getting distracted. Id start thinking about the person, or just wander off. So, one day I thought I have to make you sit still so I did, in fact I made them sit down and pray with me in my mind. Now I do it with everyone and I go through all of the Dornbrooks and all of the Fojases, as well as some friends. Ill have a whole family sit down with me and pray. It makes me pay attention to how Im reciting the prayer in my head, too no more just rote reciting of the prayer. I say it like I would if I was saying it out loud. In fact, for families w/ small children Ive even started singing the prayers to them (again, silently). And its interesting sometimes people do things in my mind that I dont expect them to do. Yesterday, I was saying a prayer for Rachael and because I had her sit down in her living room, Eric sat down, too, with her. And afterward, they both hugged me - just spontaneously. I didn't think, oh that was nice, I'll hug them. Its allowing me to be more respectful of all of the people for whom I am praying seeing their nobility. By the way, I hope no one minds that I pray for you. I'm not praying, like, oh I gotta' save that sinner... prayers are for your assistance, in whatever way they can help you in your life, your struggles and your joys.

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Will you pray for me too? I'm leaving in 2 days. In 2 weeks I will be in a new home. In a country I'm not from, with a language I don't speak, and people I don't know. I'm nervous.

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