Our Israeli Thanksgiving



This is our post-Thanksgiving dinner group photo. We had it all - turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie, even cranberry sauce! Now the question is, where are Mark and Mara? ...


And who is who in the photo??

Looks like you're in Mexico! I see Mark standing above the guy in the "sombrero". Is that Mara sitting 4th from the end counting from the back?

We had just a bit of snow in Ohio on Friday, but it's gone now.

Hmmm... perhaps I should upload a larger picture. It would probably be a lot easier for you to recognize everyone. I am indeed standing behind the young man in the sombrero. Marianne, your eagle eye has not deceived you-- that is Mara 4th from the end...Our hosts, the Ravines, are sitting and standing all the way at the end.

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