My brother and I have figured out how to debate across continents - for free. If you'd like to get in on the lively discussion about feminism, classism, and commas, check out Nathan's blog.

This morning I saw something I have to share. I was on my way up to work when I noticed a small truck trying to park. Whether it was a parking spot or simply a free bit of space on the sidewalk, well, doesn't matter to Israelis. Anyway, the truck was waiting for a man and his dog to move. Why weren't they moving? Well, because the dog was taking a dump. It almost seemed like it was happening in slow motion, the way everyone seemed to be taking it in stride, waiting patiently for the dog to finish... ugh. What may have been even more surprising was that the man actually cleaned up after his dog - truly amazing here in Israel.

This afternoon we are moving, which hopefully won't be too rigorous considering that Mark is getting over the flu. Fortunately, we have several friends who will be helping us.

I hope everyone had a Happy Gregorian New Year! Once again, I was surprised at how much it was celebrated here, fireworks all the way up the side of the mountain, ships blowing their horns, people fighting and breaking bottles in the streets... Of course, I was at home trying to sleep, as I had work the next day :-).


Dear, I finally read your notes beginning to end. What a great gift to all of us! Amina and Whitney are finishing the upstairs bedroom (pics later I think, after the carpet is in) and we are having the big family party for Elijah tomorrow (Saturday the 10th) I still think of you and Walt and I waiting so patiently for him to be born. And your sweet tears. Thanks for praying for all of us! love, Rhonda

Hey, Mara! I hope your move went well. I'm moving as well, to Edinburgh in two weeks. I resigned from my job two days ago - I really like my job, and that's hard to give up, but there will be more about this on my blog entry tonight.

Anyway, Happy Gregorian New Year! I like the turn of phrase, by the way.

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