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I have been a bit remiss in responding to those of you who have been reading and responding to my entries. Thank you for the notes - I love reading them! Of course, when someone's going to go and call you a genius that always helps, but nevertheless. But then, it runs in the family, now doesn't it, Nathan?

We moved into our new flat on the 6th of January, and we are definitely happy with the move. It makes us so much closer to everything. Since we are now within walking distance of everything we are walking much more, and we are even happier about that. We actually walk through some of the terraced gardens to get to our offices in the morning - beautiful! It can definitely help put me in a good mood about the work that I am about to do.

We've started a course, Ruhi 2 - Arising to Serve, which is wonderful. We have a very dynamic and musical group. Last night we had the group over for dinner and had a lovely evening eating, studying, and singing together.

Let's see, what else?... Mark and I both got our hair cut recently. Our hairdresser loves chocolate, particularly the Dove dark Promises, so she is more than willing to come and cut our hair if she can have a few Dove chocolates :-).

Mark and I will be helping to facilitate a course on moral leadership during the Fast (in March). I am really excited about this. I know I have the inklings of good leadership/management skills, but I don't have much training in the area, and haven't exactly been able to learn by someone else modelling it. This course, from what I've seen of it, gives me hope that I may be given practical, concrete methods for leadership, which in essence may be practiced in all spheres of my life: child-rearing, friendships, work, family, etc. I may write more on this later as I study more.

Mark and I are also going to start working our way through the Virtues Guide. If you don't know what it is, check it out on the Web. It's wonderful for anyone who is raising or planning on raising children as it gives you concrete ways to teach children (and therefore yourself) a number of virtues (52 specifically, as they take one a week for a year). The authors looked through all the holy texts of the world's religions, and chose these 52 universal virtues to focus on.

As you can see from this entry, I am very interested in making dynamic changes to the way I think and interact with others. If you have any thoughts about it, I'd love to hear from you. (note - this is not an invitation to expose my faults, as I am aware of a good number of them, but thank you for thinking of me :-)...)

Please write and let me know how you're all doing! Cheers, moi

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while I am at Rosebud, I would liek to have a website like this.

How did you set it up?


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