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The Philippine Study Group (which is often an excuse to socialize) recently met with Dr. Mohajer and his family (his wife works as a Russian translator with me from time to time). It was a wonderful evening with wonderful food, friends, and fellowship.

Mark is actually the only Filipino here (at the moment) who did not come directly from the Philippines. Slowly, I am picking up a little bit of Tagalog. Of course, if I'm really going to learn Tagalog I should start learning from someone other than Mark (seeing as how he only knows a phrase here and there himself). The young woman in yellow next to me, Corinne, is a good friend of mine. She and I have worked on Sisters Salon together (a forum on the equality of women and men). The lady sitting in front of me, Marcelina, was the first Filipina I met here, and is a wonderfully warm woman. I am so happy that there is a Filipino group here (this photo shows about half of them). They are definitely one of our families away from home, and I am learning more about the Philippines - the history, culture, etc.

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Hello, got a hit on your group photo. While searching on web.

Our internet group name is similar.
Philippine Studies Group.
We discuss and reseach topics on Philippine History.

Happy Holidays
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