Yesterday I interpreted for a group of newly arrived French pilgrims. It was amazing. I met them at their orientation and stayed with them until they had finished meeting with the Universal House of Justice (the highest authority in our administrative structure). I've been working here for 6 months now, but I felt like I was seeing it all over again for the first time with them. After their orientation they all (167 pilgrims) went to the Shrines of the Bab and Abdu'l-Baha for the first time. Ever (for many of them). I just stood outside and distributed tissues. And tried really hard not to cry myself. It was so amazingly touching to see these people experiencing what they have been waiting many years to do.

Afterward, we all walked up the terraces to the Seat of the Universal House of Justice, were served tea and cookies and were then greeted by all present members of the House of Justice (2 are away at the moment). I also interpreted this for the pilgrims. Want to feel inadequate, and yet wholly loved? Try doing this for an afternoon. I was so afraid, thinking how could my words be adequate? And yet, once it started, all my fear washed away and I just did it. I actually used the word "exaucer" (to grant/fulfill)- hahaha, not exactly a word I use in general conversation. Thank goodness I read from the Holy Writings in French everyday - I think some of it is actually entering this brain of mine. And then! the House members went around and met every single one of the pilgrims - every single one! I can see why, too - it just fills your heart with joy to be with the pilgrims. It is so refreshing, and it definitely helps me to remember why I am here. I'm so glad this is part of my job. It is such a joy, even if it is draining. It's like a really good workout - you're exhausted afterward, but you feel really good at the same time - healthy and rejuvenated.

I'm also glad that I did it because I was so afraid to do it. Now it's one less fear, which is always liberating.

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