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I always thought a sandstorm was when there was a terrific amount of sand blowing about... well, I suppose that is one form. Friday I discovered there was also another form: the one when it is mixed with rain. It was, literally, raining mud on Friday. I didn't realize it at first. I thought we were just tracking the dirt up onto the steps, hence the mud on the steps. But the mud was also on the gates, my umbrella, my coat, the cars, the houses, ... you name it, it's filthy. Thank goodness it kept raining for the next two days - without the mud. I found out later they closed the Suez Canal because of the storm! Yeah, but me, I walked to work that day. Even worse, I walked to work alone. I had traded Fridays with my co-worker, so was working on a Friday I would have typically had off [don't forget, I work on Sundays], which meant that Mark did have it off. Translation? Mark was home, cuddled up in a warm bed while I was walking to work in a mud storm, getting soaked up to my knees... Sigh...

I must admit, I really didn't mind it. I love the rain, it wasn't too cold, and heck, walking through the terraced gardens any day is beautiful! [and besides, I wasn't back in Ohio where it's mighty cold & snowy!!]

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It's not just cold and snowy in Ohio! It's cold and snowy in DC. We got six or seven inches of snow last night! That's a lot for here. I am so happy because I get a snow day (and I still get paid!) It's kind of nice to finally have some snow to go with our wicked cold temperatures and blustery winds. It is a winter wonderland :)

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