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Sorry about the title. Basically it is non-sensical because there isn't really a topic. I don't have a whole lot of anything new or interesting to say.

At least I don't think so. I mainly just want to keep writing so that you keep reading, and keep responding to me because I thrive on hearing from all of you.

We went to a devotional gathering to commemorate the passing of a friend's parents. It was really beautiful. He had prepared writings from many of the different world religions about death, the next world and the sacredness of our bodies - even once we've passed away - because it is a receptacle for our soul. It was interesting - Mark and I had just been talking about the various different methods of burial - caskets vs. cremation, and why the religions each say some very specific things about how we should treat/handle the bodies of those who have passed away. The writings answered a number of the questions we'd had.

On another note, a Filipino friend that was there introduced us to his fiancee. They will be getting married here in April. I joked that even here, in Israel, there's no way he'll get away with a small wedding - just inviting the Filipinos guarantees 50 people! Then there's his office, her office... and don't forget family! Hahahaha!

Friday evening I will be celebrating my 6-month anniversary with my orientation group. Some of them will be leaving in another 6 months already! They are like my family here. They're the people I came in with, and we definitely have a close bond because of that. I'm looking forward to the party! :-)

Then, Saturday we are having a huge Arts and Crafts Show. We can enter works to sell or simply to show. There will be everything there from paintings to decorated matchboxes! I've entered the Afghani dress my mother and I made when I was in high school (not for sale, of course!!). It's been interesting trying to figure out how we can present it so that everyone can see all sides of it (since I'm not about to stand there for 5 hours modeling it).

There will also be an Arts Cafe, as well as a bake sale, a slide show, a short movie, and a fashion show (not a serious event). I'm baking up a storm for the Arts Cafe. I think it's absolutely hysterical. I think few people back home would think of me as having a flair for baking, but somehow I've become known here for my cooking. I don't know whether that says something about me, or about the other people! This is especially ironic because if it is not the essence of simplicity (very few ingredients, very little preparation) - I don't even look at the recipe. Meaning? Anyone could do it! I know, I know, "but they don't". Got it. That's why I'm baking for the Cafe, I suppose. :-)

Anyhow, I'm making several batches of shortbread and banana chocolate chip bars (thank you, Rae, for sending me the recipe!). For the shortbread, I'm going to be 'icing' it with ganache. I know you care, right? In any case, I've committed to making a double batch of each, so I'll be busy on Friday! (work Friday morning, bake all afternoon, and then the orientation dinner in the evening - thank heavens I only committed to bringing drinks to the party!)

It's amazing how much space one can take up with not saying much of anything, eh? And I didn't even tell you what the weather is like! (nothing exciting, promise)


Hey, Mara, would you please post the recipe for the banana chocolate chip bars? They sound good. Can we pretend that they are low fat because the banana replaces oil?

I take it this means you have figured out how to regulate your oven? Do you need an oven thermometer? Would it help?

One thing you could do to display the dress is to somehow hang it on a hanger from somewehere and then stuff at least the top of the dress with newspaper or plastic bags, or sheets to give it some shape. That will help make it an exhibit that people can walk around and view all the different bits of (aaah..does it mean I haven't ended a sentence with a preposition if I have parenthesis here?).


You could just say: "That will help make it an exhibit where people can walk around and view all the different bits."


"That will make it an exhibit where people can walk around and view all the different bits of the dress."

Much love,

please send me those yummy recipes girls! and hugs to you all!

Aunt Suellen! Yay!

I knew this would eventually catch on. Hey, Aunt Suellen, would you and Uncle Gene like a blog?

There's plenty of room, for the moment.

My mother also has a blog, here.

Much love,

Dang it! HREFs don't show up in comments. My mother's blog is:



Two more cents worth. You could just wear the dress. And talk about it as people ask. That seems the easiest to me.

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