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Cost of Living


Now, granted, I don't have to pay for a number of things usually associated with cost of living expenses (but then, I also don't exactly receive a salary, either).

However, I would like to see a show of hands of all the people who think US$20 is NORMAL for a bottle of contact lens solution. Now, I am talking normal, run of the mill, not even Bausch & Lomb brand contact lens solution. I think in the States I normally paid $7 for a bottle.

Whoever thinks that living here is cheap - think again. Even for those of you who are coming here on pilgrimage ... start saving your pennies, this place ain't cheap. Of course, you can find things for cheap ... but then, they're cheap.

Random Tandem


I just found out that the French aunt with whom I am in contact (for the first time in 27 years)... her husband will be going to visit Iran. Pleasure trip. My mother said "wow, foreign concept." That's putting it lightly. I may never be able to go in my life time! Uh, now, why would I want to go? Well, that's where the Baha'i Faith started. And, once upon a time, there were Baha'i holy places there - though most have now been desecrated and demolished by the State, including homes, temples, and cemeteries. Yup, cemeteries - bulldozed and replaced with a parking lot... Not a very nice thing to do.


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Want to know what I'm thinking? Me too...


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It's been a while, eh? I know, I know... and I need to perk it back up again, no?

Well, my mother is off to Mexico for two weeks and I am thrilled to bits for her. I really can't wait to hear about her experience. I realize now that she went last year and I never got to hear about it. We were busy selling our house and getting out of the country ourselves.

It looks like Mark and I are going to take a brief trip to Scotland in April to visit my brother, Nathan. I can't WAIT to get out of here for a while and just hang out in Edinburgh - a city I fell in love with the last time I was there!

Youth Photo


Iím not the most excellent person in the world at dealing with anger.

Is rejection even an emotion related to anger? Yeah, I think so. I am angry that I have been rejected, I suppose. I think it is unjust, and well, Iím a big fan of justice.

Day Number 1


It is the first day of the Fast. 3:23 in the afternoon (duh)

2 hours and 15 minutes to go... actually, it's not so bad. As usual, we get all het up about it - dreading it (at least to a certain to degree: "how will I make it through?"), and then, well, you just do. It would be better if my throat wasn't sore, but I'm told I don't have strep - what can you do? Gargle, gargle, gargle.



Archives Visit.JPG

This past Friday, Mark and I had an opportunity to visit the International (Baha'i) Archives. This is normally something one does on pilgrimage. We are only permitted to do this once a year while serving here. It was, needless to say, an amazing experience. [the photo was taken of us on our way to the visit, directly behind us is the Seat of the Universal House of Justice - I work in the dome]

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