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Want to know what I'm thinking? Me too...

I like my job. In fact, most days, I love my job. I'm so happy with it sometimes I'm surprised. People don't usually get to LIKE their job. On the other hand, I know that I only have the job for less than another two years. How do I come to terms with that? Other than the obvious - enjoy it while it lasts. How do I not think of the future? I now have expectations of enjoying my job ... I want to find something else I can enjoy as much!

There are also a few other potholes, so to speak, of enjoying the good life here in Israel. I'm fairly well taken care of here. I buy my groceries at the 'company store' if you will, only venturing out to a real grocery store - where I have to pay with real money if our Food Centre doesn't carry some special ingredient, which is amazingly rare. If something isn't working in my completely furnished apartment, I just call the Works Department (again, another part of the Baha'i World Centre) and they come fix it. Yeah, most everything I need is taken care of here. I feel like I need to remember that's not how it usually is - not 'out there' in the 'real world'.

I don't even know where I'm going with this, other than the fact that I'm a planner. And a worrier. And yet - I am so happy here! I get to work in a fabu job and then, in my free time, I can head over to the holy shrines and pray to God. Rough life. It's funny, I could be praying for eveything under the sun, but I find that I have very little to 'ask for'. I usually spend most of my time in the Shrines praying for my friends and family. Though probably my favoritest moments are when Mark and I go up to the threshold in one of the shrines together. It's the most amazingly perfect unity I have experienced with Mark, praying with him - silently - at the Threshold of our Lord.

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I too find myself always considering and planning for the future. That's the part of my brain I have the most trouble turning off at night.Right now I only have a little over a month before finals are over so that's what I'm focusing on...but soon after that Mensch'll be visiting and then Alana and Jess.
I agreed to work full time those two weeks around Easter weekend, and yikes I'm gonna be busy and wicked tired. I'd better get started NOW! I'm on my way today to get started on my research papers. Hope you have a blast in Scotland.

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