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It's been a while, eh? I know, I know... and I need to perk it back up again, no?

Well, my mother is off to Mexico for two weeks and I am thrilled to bits for her. I really can't wait to hear about her experience. I realize now that she went last year and I never got to hear about it. We were busy selling our house and getting out of the country ourselves.

It looks like Mark and I are going to take a brief trip to Scotland in April to visit my brother, Nathan. I can't WAIT to get out of here for a while and just hang out in Edinburgh - a city I fell in love with the last time I was there!

I have had more extended contact with a French relative of mine, I suppose she's my aunt as she is around my mother's age, Isabelle. Turns out one of my cousins was in Angers while I was - bummer! Now she's back - studying English where I was teaching it! Crazy, eh? This is such an exciting adventure for me. I've always said I studied French to get to know that side of my family better, and now it's paying off. I really can get to know them better now! Yay!!

I'm currently taking a moral leadership course (I mentioned it a while back). It is surpassing all my expectations. I'm thrilled. I'm implementing it whenever I can think of it (granted, I'm not always thinking...). These are the tools I have longed for ... for years.

Well, dinner is about to be served. I'm not fasting, but don't want to be last in line with a bunch of people who are!

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Yay! Mara is coming to visit me! Yay!

Hey, Mara, I need dates soon! I'm planning on heading home to do my taxes and sort out some bills, and I was planning on heading during the Easter break. I get an extra day without having to eat into my holidays, which is always nice!

I hope it's a good April for you!

Much love,

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