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Okay, so I haven't gotten mum and dad's aproval, but isn't she absolutely adorable? She is the daughter of my good friend (we were college roommates). Daddy's a good friend, too :-) I put her picture up as the background of my computer and everyone - everyone - who walked by stopped and commented on this adorable sweetie. So, since she has made a definite contribution to the happiness of my day, I thought I'd share. Here's to Sadie :-)


She is SO adorable! Actually this is just perfect. Whenever work gets so stressful I can't deal with it, I just look around my desk. I have photos of me at 2 and 3 years old when life was just all about wild flowers and colors and mommy and daddy hugging and kissing me. And I have my favorite childhood photo of me and my neighbours in Kinshasa eating flour. (!?) Life when you can't walk is just simpler and more beautiful. I walked by your house yesterday Mara! I was on my way down from the Merkaz (after i bought saline for 15 dollars, a whole TEN DOLLARS CHEAPER!) and played with a cute little white puppy on the street next to the lookout.
Today is a great day. Better with Sadie.

This is Sadie? What a cutie! I can't believe it; she has gotten so big. The last time I saw her, she was still in utero. Okay, so I haven't actually seen her. Tell Trish and Josh that she is absolutly lovely.

Will do. Of course, you may start running into them around town. They've moved to your neck of the woods. They're over by Bellflower Elementary!

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