I'm Baaaack!

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We're back from Scotland - which was a total blast. It was so nice to relax, not work, and just have fun for a few days.

It was also so great, wonderful and beautiful to be in a city surrounded by green hills. It was very refreshing.

Now I'm back in Israel and busier than ever. Partly because I missed two very busy days at work. One of the other French translator's was out translating for pilgrims, so that left one poor, inundated French translator left to do it all! As soon as she saw me she got up, gave me a big hug, and said "Am I glad to see you!" Always nice to feel appreciated :-)

We have already attended a farewell dinner and hosted a youth dinner (we're currently on our third day back!). Tomorrow we're going to a wedding reception, another farewell dinner, Saturday we have a visit to the Ridvan garden [the first place Baha'u'llah stayed once he left the prison-city of Akka] ... and somewhere in there we have to do our taxes! [not to worry, we got an extension].

And then, and then ... and then I think we won't plan anything for a while simply because we don't need to wear ourselves out like we have been. Though it's so hard to resist with so many wonderful people around for a limited time - you want to get to know them all!

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Hey missy! Glad you got to Scotland for some great "drechh" weather. (Probably not spelled right, but you get the drift). I know your brother was glad to see you. Amina and Whitney had to move to an apt. as Elijah's lead levels started going up. Not to dangerous levels or anything but up. I'm still in the house, working at Grant Hospital weekends and babysitting during the week. Life is okey dokey and Elijah is still the perfect child!
love you so much!! Rhonda

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