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I am happy.

And oh-so-busy. None of the other French translators are around this week and boy do I feel it!! Though I do love that I get to do nothing but translate for a few days! :-)

Gotta' run.


It's good to hear you're happy. When/if you get a few minutes after work, give me a call:) We can discuss my Barbie crisis! :)

hey hey. i suspect that you're really busy but thanks for emailing me lately. i don't know i've been feeling kind of neglected. now, i know that i'm not but i guess i'd like to mooch some of the attention going around so likewise, nathan, rachael, mara, anyone who would like to chat, give me a call.

you oughta consider a cell phone. The phone is always busy when I call home!

The reason the phone is busy when you call home is because Mendon is on it. I'm at work all day and often into the evening. Daddy is at class all evening and neither of us use the phone much, or go on the internet, so Mendon getting a cell phone won't help you much. Now, if you call Kristen's cell phone in the evenings, you will probably reach him. Do you have her number?

Somebody's computer clock somewhere is way off. It just said that I posted at 12:41 pm. It is now (according to the clock in the corner of my computer screen) 8:44 am. Any ideas?

maman, nathan's machine, i think, is hosting all of us. his computer clock is on edinburgh time. as for rachael, getting a cell phone would not be a bad idea but, at the moment, paying for a phone and a plan is a little out of my price range. i think that we're about to hit the irony. i go online to visit the blogs and my email (and i'm not usually on for more than an hour). so, if you call, then i'm trying to find a way, although limited, to reach out to you. realistically, i'm taking two classes in five weeks right now i need the time to study. especially because this is the last week and i need at least a ninety two on my spanish final to get an A in the course. Psych is good though, i've already ensured an A, i think.

Hey, Maman! The blogs are hosted each in their own individual time zone.

I've tried to get them so that when they get comments posted to them, the comments will appear in the local time of the person who owns the blog, so that A Journey in Israel gets Haifa time, The Definite Article gets Edinburgh time, etc.

If someone's blog is off, let me know and I'll try and re-jigger them!

oh, mendon's blog is still in the gambia's time. btw...

Okay, the Blogs should be closer to the actual time (local to each of you) that you post.

So when you post on my Blog, it should be in Daylight Savings Time. When you post on Mendon's Blog it should show the result in Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Mara, I have no idea what time zone you're in. Do they observe Daylight Savings Time?

Oh, yeah! Before I forget, Daddy's got a Blog, too.

His Blog is empty right now; he says he'll have to wait a week or two before he has enough break in his studying to post.

But, just for reference, it's Daddy's Blog, right here.

And then he starts again the next day with another class, so it might be few weeks before you hear from him. Love to you all.

It would be really cool if you just anchored everybody's blogs to the host site.

Hmmm. Well, you can get to everybody's Blog from my Blog; the links are on the right hand side.

Oooh! I just looked at my Blog from another machine, and it displays differently in IE than it does in Mozilla Firefox (I use Firefox at home).

In IE, the links to everyone else's Blogs are down at the bottom - Mara's Blog, Mendon's Blog, etc.

I'm gonna add Violetta's Blog, too.

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