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I really wanted to share this picture. I took this picture with our fancy shmancy camera. I didn't think I could take a good picture with it 'cause I didn't know enough - but, tada! This is a kitten that is a month or two old on the stairs behind our flat. He was born to a white cat, with two white siblings ... so, I guess we know what the Daddy looks like, right? They were all so adorable! One of the white kittens kept trying to clean himself with his paws, but he'd push himself with his paw and just fall over! Oops! He'll learn eventually how to do it without falling over... heeheehee!


What a sweetie! I am going to take a digital camera class tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, I'll make the leap. We'll see. I have used digital cameras, but didn't like the ones I used enough to make the leap.

Mara, this is a great photo. It's a professional grade photo.

And the kitten is adorable.

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