Good and Busy


Things are so, so, so busy and so, so, so exciting right now.

I am finally in a photo class. I can now pick up our camera without having spasms. I won't be able to attend all of the classes because of some of my other busy-ness, but this is very empowering for me.

Some consultants are coming soon for whom I will be translating (so is V :-)), and I am majorly excited (and nervous) about this. This is one of those occasions that in the outside world would be referred to as an opportunity for advancement in my field. I feel myself slowly making steps towards translation becoming a part of my life past my service at the World Centre. This is definitely a step in that direction.

Before they even leave, a large group of French-speaking pilgrims will be arriving, and I am scrounging to find people to help translate their pilgrimage for them. We'll see how that goes.

On top of that, I have a new French translator arriving TOMORROW, and in between translating for the consultants I have to train him - especially since he'll be on his own by Friday!

On top of that, I will be teaching a class, the topic of which I cannot currently disclose because it hasn't been announced here yet, and I've been asked not to tell people about it. Since a number of people reading my blog work with me, my lips are sealed for another day or two.

Okay, gotta' run and take more pictures while the light is still good!


What! You mean people are reading your blog (at least) and maybe other's as well and not posting any comments on them! Oh boy. And I thought our readership was about nine... oi vegh! I feel deprived of their thoughts.

Wow, a photography class, work, and training......just think of all the blogs! Good luck with your possible career advancement!

Thank you!! (I can use the encouragement :-))

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