I Just Have a Few Minutes

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So, just some random thoughts :-)

I love my job. Yay. Just thought I'd share.

I think I broke one of the washing machines. I put my backpack in it & I broke the water dispenser. It still works, but now it can move - not good. Oops. Not to worry - 'they' know about it.

Saturday we are hosting a BBQ for Mark's orientation group. It's been 9 months. He's calling it the "We've Been Here Long Enough to Have a Baby" party. Hmm... no idea where his mind is....

Okay, ciao - off to lunch! Today I get an hour and a half lunch instead of an hour - yippee!

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whoa! you need to stop with that 'i love my job' stuff. It's excrutiating to have to read that when just getting up in the morning is a triumph of willpower and going to work is dreadful. Everyone understands that you like your job. You work at the World Center, who wouldn't like that job?

NO babies yet?

Hmmm... there are some jobs here that I would really, really struggle with (let's see: outside gardening all day, filing mind-numbing filing...). No, I am particularly happy because not only am I here, but I'm working in my field.

And no, "no babies yet" [a question Mark & I have fielded a few times before from one of the rare individuals who can ask that and get away with it]

When the time comes, just to clarify, NO ONE will get away with asking me that question...Got it?!

When the time comes? What are you talking about? Your time HAS come. You're married. That's how the question becomes relevant in the first place, sweetie.

And although it may be a somewhat absurd question, there are bigger fish to fry. Don't sweat the small stuff.

And I happen to know Mendon is asking that question as a joke, referencing this other individual. Really, why would you all ask me? [or you] We all know full well that the family will be amongst the first, if not the first, to find out.

I don't think I have any children, either.

Just for the record.

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