Ice Cream

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I simply couldn't resist this little boy! We were in one of our favorite cafes, Fresca, and this boy and his mother and sister were sitting next to us. We had ordered pizza, and when he saw our pizza he wanted some, too ... I think. He saw the pizza, started whining, I heard "pizza", and then about 15 minutes later they got a pizza, too... hmm. But this place has got to have the best pizza in Israel. It is amazingly delicious. Everyone we take to have pizza there raves about it. It doesn't hurt that they also have gelatto - which may very well mean they have the best ice cream in Israel as well.

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Mara, this is a great snapshot; a result of your photography class??

Why does it seem like he is enjoying ice cream more than I have in the past two decades; maybe I need to get it all over my face again.......perhaps I will disguise the event as an ice cream pore cleansing mask!

Hey, Mara! Great photo - I am jealous of the way you capture

I wanted to link to a story about how there was this restaurant in Hong Kong that had the "best shark-fin soup in Hong Kong!"

It turned out that the chef was putting heroin in the soup - and the police were alerted because so many people came to get the soup that the lines were three hours long. But this happened back in 1992 or so, so I guess it wouldn't be on the web.

Back my chiropractor's in the States, there was this short, thin older woman who, whenever she was getting adjusted would say "Oh, goodness! Oh, deary!" Nae, your story made me think of that. "Oh, goodness! Oh, deary!"

Anywho, yes, this is one of the pictures I took for my photo class :-)

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