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Me, me, me, me, me. Not that I'm taking this personally or anything. For those of you who are wondering what this is all about, both my mother and my older brother saw pictures of my friend, Violetta and said that not only did she look like me, but that they thought she was me. I'm just helping them remember what I look like.

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That shirt is kickin'!

Thanks! :-) I just got it this past weekend.

Yeah, Mara! Cool shirt! And anyone who sees us can know the difference between us, you neglected to mention to your family that I'm very short, whereas you're tall and slender. And also you have much much cooler clothes than I do. :) including this shirt. Pink Gingham...whoopi!!!

Just one more time. . .
Your smiles are similar. The photo Mara took of you, V, emphasizes your eyes, the photo of you at Masada emphasizes your smile. Yes, I could tell that you are not as tall as the Dornbrook clan. And though I can tell you two apart, I still see a similarity between the two of you. And I am not letting go of it. . . ever.

(It's been a long hard day.) (Everyone else has gone on vacation, so it is me and the 4 students. And Aunt Suellen is staying here. We got in from the book store at 10:30 -- after ice cream. And I'm trying to lose weight?)

How long is Suellen in town? Are the girls with her?
I have sworn off icecream for the summer...not just to keep off the lbs., but to prevent lactose intolerant situations :) (but I can have it for my B-day).

I called Mara up the other day and she did mention that you were short. Mercy's height, she said. That's pretty short.

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