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Model Mark.jpg

I called this one Model Mark for two reasons:

1. He was an exemplary model, patiently allowing me to shoot about 30 pictures of him to help me practice taking pictures for class.

2. This looks like such a model pose to me! I could totally see this going in some magazine or something. Not that the picture is that fabulous - just his pose.

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So sultry. Look at those eyes, calling to you, drawing you in...

I love this picture. You can tell the person who took it is his wife. Or maybe that's how you look after thirty pictures. :) In any case...great photo. Did I ever tell you Mara, that you're the one who made me comfortable with being taken in picutres? I saw that you were so natural and matter-of-fact when Mark took photos of you and I thought..."Hey, maybe if I relax, too, I won't look so crispated in photos" and it works. :) so thanks.

Aw, thank you for the compliment, V.

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