Happy Birthday!

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Thanksgiving 2003.jpg

Today is my only sister's birthday. I was looking through my pictures, and I found other pictures of her, but when I saw this one I sorta' got stuck.

It's not a particularly stunning picture, though Rae is definitely stunning in it!

But I see this kind of picture and it just makes me ache for home. Of course, "home" is a rather relative term. My home is in Israel. I have no permanent residence in the States. Other than my parents house - according to my driver's license. It's sort of weird to see my childhood address on my husband's license, too!

But I do miss it. It's quickly becoming time for a visit back to the families....

Of course, that's not what this is about, right?

It's my sister's birthday! Hip hip hooray! And she's younger than I am, so no matter how old she gets, she can still know she's younger than I am! :-)

By the way, I think this is one picture where our ressemblance to one another is fairly striking.

I LOVE YOU, RAE! I hope your birthday is a blast.

[from left to right: Rae, hubby Eric, older bro' Nathan, Papa Bear, Grandma & Grandpa!]

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Thanks Mara! This makes my day! I am looking forward to thanksgivings this year. Hopefully you'll make it. I'm 24 now! it'll take a bit of getting used to...I've always preferred the odd years:)

I loved 24!

this was last year's thanksgiving? Ah, I remember what I was doing. There was a feast for an Islamic holiday. Steeped in lonliness and seperation (my first really) I gorged myself on whatever food was available (likely lots of rice and spicy chicken). This is starting to make me think about how distant my whole family is. When I count the siblings that I've even seen in the last year it's sad. Rachael, i've hung out with her twice in the last year. Nathan, i've gotten to crash at his place twice but only saw him once, the same amount of time as rachael. Ironically, Nathan has been the only person who has hosted me as a guest and not only not taken advantage of the fact that I am a wonderful food critic (whatever that was it filled my stomach... I'm not ill... it must be good:) but also forgot to feed me;). And, alas, Mara, my beloved sister, I have not seen in over a year. she left last year in late july. which means it's been fifteen months since I've spent any time in the physical presence of Mara. And, of course, there's Mark, who I spent some time with last September (?) and Eric, who comes with Rachael.
I miss all of you and have, as our lives have spun themselves, missed you too often.

this was last year's thanksgiving? Ah, I remember what I was doing.
Taking the picture! ;-)
But seriously, Thanksgiving is getting smaller. Poor Rae and Eric, especially Eric. This probably was not the most fun one could have at Thanksgiving. Gramma gave Grampa a drumstick because he used to love them. Apparently, he no longer enjoys them as much as he used to. It was pretty comical. . . if that you are a choose to laugh rather than cry kind of person.

Ya know, I am beginning to find this entry a bit ironic.

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