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So, yesterday I got an email saying I had received a package and that it was waiting for me in the mailroom. Now, small to medium size packages (anything in an envelope - as large as envelopes can get) will be delivered to your desk.

I have not been expecting a package, so I was a bit surprised.

I went done to the mailroom, and here was this big box waiting for me - as stated, from an unexpected sender.

Some of our friends came on pilgrimage back in May, I think. She works with Mary Kay, so I asked her if she'd bring me a particular make-up item I like and could not find the equivalent of here.

She kindly brought it and I thanked her, of course, explaining that make-up was pretty expensive here (ever pay $12 for clear nail polish!?!), and that in general there isn't much selection either.

This box I received (think one of those packing boxes you can get from the post office) was FULL of not only samples, but a fair amount of the normal package, of Mary Kay make-up. This is not cheap stuff, and it was not cheap to ship.

Her generosity is overwhelming. Obviously, I will not be keeping all of it. I don't know that I could go through all of it in a lifetime! But she is making a lot of women very happy - a simple little pleasure that is not life-changing, but makes them feel special for a brief moment.

So, to Cara: THANK YOU!!

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By the way, the virtue we're practicing this week is thankfulness - can't imagine not being able to practice it when stuff like this happens!

Coincidence? Hmmm... :-)

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