Lindsay, Mark, and Krisia

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This is at Krisia's farewell party. I missed it, and I have pictures of the two of us together, but they're not this good. Krisia has an amazing voice. She sounds like Tracy Chapman. Especially when she's singing Ms. Chapman's songs :-)

Oh, and Lindsay's another good friend. She's leaving, too. She's an actress from Alaska.

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ooooh, I like Tracy Chapman. She just doesn't produce enough albums (or they don't get enough clout to be well advertised). But, anyway, I hope that Krisia and Lindsay enjoy wherever they are going:)

I guess the above comment means I'm speachless, a rare occasion.

Okay, I guess the comment above means I am technically clueless, not a rare occasion.

HEY!! Hi Mara... is aida! i like ur blog :)
anyhow i just wanted to tell u that i took this picture! so i feel kind of famous now... That day Krisia gave me his camera and i went around shoting everybody... it was a nice evening!

Yay! Go, Aida! Nice picture - I'm sorry I missed it!

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