Ode to Sjona

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This is Sjona (and me).

Sjona is the Spanish Translator for the Universal House of Justice (my employer as well).

Today is Sjona's last day at work.

I am going to miss her very, very, very, very much. Mucho...

I first met Sjona at the airport in Tel Aviv. She came to pick me up when I arrived. Little did we know then that she and I would be working very closely together, as she had not yet become the Spanish Translator.

She was supposed to leave in February. I - and some others - managed to talk her into staying longer [which wasn't too hard]. But, alas, it really is time for her to go now.

Sjona grew up in Chile, in fact she knows my Aunt Suellen & Uncle Gene! She's currently studying in New Mexico, though she's looking to change universities. In any case, I really hope that wherever she ends up, our paths may meet again.

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cool! Wait, who's your boss now? Did you just move up in position? Doesn't that mean that you now have tons of responsibility? Are you going to be so stressed out from your workload that you'll have a massive heart attack and die before i can come and spend a month with you?

don't die Mara...

...don't die...

wopps...I wasn't finished changing the name and I guess I hit enter...
anyhow, You = Abe Lincoln!

okay...craziness is happenng here! I was saying you are like Abe Lincoln on CLone High.

Wow, uhh, I'm so confused... Rae is there a comment missing from you? So confused...

My boss? Oh right. No, everyone here works for the Universal House of Justice. My "coordinator" is a very nice Swede, who is worthy of great respect. Up in position? No. Amount of responsibility, work and stress ... erm, well, let's just say there is no one to replace my dear Sjona... AGH!!!! And you all know how much Spanish I know!! But we're okay.

so many memories flow back! I miss Haifa, but I am so very happy... Haifa is a memorie that will stay with me to the end of my life, and not only a memorie, but more... more like a life that i lived separate from everything else, a life so unique you know it will never happen again and that makes you long for it even more...

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