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I wonder, will those three words now become a part of my family's jargon? Will it be a euphemism for ... for idiots? For annoying bits of flea-ridden junk in your life?

Also, am I the only one who knows that my mother would really like to be called "Nannie", not out of any cast-off yearnings about our younger years, but of her younger years, when her siblings (and she, I believe) shortened her name, Stephanie, to Nannie? And she'll tell you, it's 'ie' not 'y'. Should we simply make the switch - how fast could we do it? It tooks us all a while to find an alternative to Mommy that we all liked (including her!). But if she'd prefer to be called Nannie, why not?

So, here's the test, how quickly will we start seeing signs of her being called Nannie? I'll start the clock now.

The other question is: by posting this, does it therefore supercede my previous entry, meaning that no one will comment on my previous entry?

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And what is Online Texas Holdem? And why would it becoming into our family jargon?

I like to play texas holdem!

Ooooo, Rae, I suspect that it may have been your cookie that brought the Texas Holdum bane down on our blogheaddom.

Online Texas Holdem ... well, I think it's poker or a casino or something. All I really know is that it generated all sorts of stupid quotes and put them on our old entries - every once and a while it'd be an advertisement for poker or a casino. I can't remember. But for a few days I'd be deleting as many as 15 entries it had generated!!

Yay, Nannie!!

if you give texas a cookie...
anyhow, how do I get rid of it? Should I get rid of it? Where is is?

not to worry, Rae. that is, of course, unless Nathan tells you to ...

Delete all of your cookies. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools--->Internet Options----> General Tab----> Delete Cookies button

It's tracking everywhere you go so definitely delete it. And don't visit weird game sites anymore...

Sorry to give the gift that keeps on giving - guilt!

well, I don't play texas holdem online! Only with real when we went to Michigan this summer.

the one I read just happened to coincide with my entry I found a shitload of crap and I repeal my support of these comments

the really creepy thing is I think the program got smart. Now I get e-mails saying I have new comments, which are visible on the blog but when I go to delete them I can't see them!

Rae, please don't panic!! First, Nathan turned the email comments on so that he could see where they're coming from, and secondly, I check our blogs daily and delete the 'bad' comments for you. :-)

woops! I just closed all my old blog entry comments...up to two months ago, to prevent the dudes form sommenting. I suppose that's not really tragic though.

That's probably a really good idea. ~ Mara

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