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I'm A Greedy Freak

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a.k.a. my name is Mara!!!

I've never known another Mara in my entire life. I have always liked my name, my middle name is also stiff competition, and together I like Mara Noelle. Especially if you can say it with a French accent (actually, exclusively if you can say it with a French accent).

However, what I have recently discovered is that I don't like anyone else having my name. A lot of the reason I like my name is that it is something about me that is unique and different. I like the stuff about me that is unique and different. I would never name my daughter Mara. Of course, 'junior' doesn't really exist for women. My fem-dar is screaming sexism, not that I particularly care. I guess it's the whole "continuing the family line" thing. Blah, blah, blah. On the other hand, that whole family line thing may see me visiting a chateau in France next summer. There are some benefits. And no, do not extend that for me to read "there are some benefits to sexism". I'd have to beat you.

Well, another young woman from the States just arrived to serve here. Her name is also Mara. (Mara Jamal - that's almost freaky, considering my older sister's name was Jamali!) Anyway. I'm having trouble liking her. Not her so much as, well...her name is a problem for me. Hey, I said I was a greedy freak. Several people have excitedly told me that their friend Mara was coming to serve (she pioneered to Kazakhstan - does she have to be freakin' cool to boot?). So now she's here. And she's in my old flat (did they plan that?!). And every time someone brings the two of us together, we say hello, look away, and then just sort of walk away from each other.

Rachael, my dearest, lovely, beautiful sister with whom I had the most bestest (female) fribling conversation ever today recommended that I tell her all the cool meanings to our name. I did. I think she thought I was a bit of a freak. Well, I guess I am. I did say I was. But then, hey, wouldn't you be proud if your name meant penis in another language? It's not everyday, you know....

So, I'm having some trouble getting over this and figuring out how to be friendly. On top of this, people are confusing us. I've never had a problem with people knowing who I was. I mean, I'm Mara. Isn't it fairly obvious? She's been here 3 days and already we've been confused twice. I never thought I'd have to identify myself to friends as, "Hi, this is Mara Fojas." I guess I'll have to adjust. I got to a dinner party Friday night, and the host opened the door and rather puzzledly said, "I thought you we're coming late?" I replied, equally as puzzled, "I just called you to ask if it was okay if we came early!?" Like, hello what? Twilight Zone?!?! His reply, "Oh, I thought that was Mara...uh, the other Mara." Wah....sigh. Soooo weird! Then, other people started to come in and introduce themselves and I thought I'd watch peoples reactions, thinking they'd say something like "What, two Maras? What're the chances of that?"

You guessed it. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. No reaction. I was shocked. Almost mortified. Hello people! This is crazy freaky!! Nothing.

Wow, do I have to get over this! Big time! Anyway, just thought I'd share.


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Today is my brother Mendon's birthday, so to you dear brother: Happy Birthday! :-)

To Nathan, well, I'm sort of jealous of you. I wish I was sick as a dog, like you, then I'd know I could get better. Instead, I've been hovering on the brink of a migraine (except the times I jumped off and drove right in) for the past two weeks. No reason. Just have. And I'm sick of it. It's driving me mad, in more way than one. Now, I know everyone has their theory and their ever-so-helpful advice, but if I can't actually take that advice here, well, I'd prefer you not give it. I find it just makes me even more irritable. I've got migraines and it appears I will simply have to suck it up. Of course, back in the States I'd have been fired from my job by now for missing 2 weeks of work.

Fortunately, I've only missed a few of my rehearsals for my upcoming performance in a Southeast Asian performance evening. I'll be in an Indonesian dance, based upon the Legong dance from Bali. Here's about the best site I can find for it: http://glennh.tripod.com/wa_bali_legng.htm, if you're interested. I'm really excited about it. I wouldn't have thought I could do it. We perform in a week! (I hope I'm feeling okay that day ... gah!) And now I've been asked to be in a Russian waltz dance in December! This will be at "Sounds of the World" - basically the most spectacular performance evening of the year, where the best of the best perform. At least, that's how it was last year.

In My Absence

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I've been sort of quiet lately. I've had lots to say, but when one does not go to work one generally has no acess to a computer. But here I am, logged in on my dial-up at home.

Last weekend was a super blast. Friday evening we went with some friends to Herzliyya. It's a suburb of Tel-Aviv where many of the diplomat families live (the American school is there...). There are tons of cool restaurants there. Basically the only reason to go there. So, we went to Zozobra, a pan-Asian noodle bar and then --- Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar. Yes, you read that right. A chocolate bar. With unrefined cacao being churned in huge vats and then piped, yes piped, over to where they are serving the chocolate dishes. Oh yes, even this chocolate snob totally loved it! For some pictures, check this out: healthechange.com/Zozobra. I'd give you the link outright, but for some reason my ability has been revoked temporarily. Maybe because I'm on a Mac? I don't know...


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I just found out for sure that my parents are going to come visit us in December/January!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! That's soon!!!!!!!

By the way, if you happen to be one of the aforementioned parents coming to visit, permission is being sought.

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