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Today is my brother Mendon's birthday, so to you dear brother: Happy Birthday! :-)

To Nathan, well, I'm sort of jealous of you. I wish I was sick as a dog, like you, then I'd know I could get better. Instead, I've been hovering on the brink of a migraine (except the times I jumped off and drove right in) for the past two weeks. No reason. Just have. And I'm sick of it. It's driving me mad, in more way than one. Now, I know everyone has their theory and their ever-so-helpful advice, but if I can't actually take that advice here, well, I'd prefer you not give it. I find it just makes me even more irritable. I've got migraines and it appears I will simply have to suck it up. Of course, back in the States I'd have been fired from my job by now for missing 2 weeks of work.

Fortunately, I've only missed a few of my rehearsals for my upcoming performance in a Southeast Asian performance evening. I'll be in an Indonesian dance, based upon the Legong dance from Bali. Here's about the best site I can find for it:, if you're interested. I'm really excited about it. I wouldn't have thought I could do it. We perform in a week! (I hope I'm feeling okay that day ... gah!) And now I've been asked to be in a Russian waltz dance in December! This will be at "Sounds of the World" - basically the most spectacular performance evening of the year, where the best of the best perform. At least, that's how it was last year.

Then, once all this performance stuff is over, my parents will be arriving at the end of December to stay for 3 weeks - yay!! I'm totally psyched about it. Of course, there will be a large French-speaking pilgrim group arriving during that time, so I will be plenty busy!! And then January will be the one year mark ... one year until we leave Israel! I can't believe I'm at the half-way point already in my service. I suppose I should do some sort of evaluation - what have I accomplished, what did I hope to accomplish, what do I still have left to do.... But then, I don't know, what did I hope to accomplish? I came here to serve and that's what I'm doing. Everything else is sort of extraneous to me. I'll get back to you on that ... see if I come up with anything more profound.

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When is the Indonesian dance thing? I thought maybe it had already passed.

Saturday!! (30 October)

Is there an 'occasion?'

Yeah, the guy who is organizing it leaves the BWC in a month :-)

That is an occasion? Like his last Hurrah?

I have a question. On one of your blog postings, you mentioned something about it being one more year til you left the BWC. Now, Mark came there 3 months after you did. How is that going to work? Are you going to leave 3 months before him? Or is he leaving three months before his 2.5 years? Or what?

We can choose when we want to leave - based on either one of our arrival dates.

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