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a.k.a. my name is Mara!!!

I've never known another Mara in my entire life. I have always liked my name, my middle name is also stiff competition, and together I like Mara Noelle. Especially if you can say it with a French accent (actually, exclusively if you can say it with a French accent).

However, what I have recently discovered is that I don't like anyone else having my name. A lot of the reason I like my name is that it is something about me that is unique and different. I like the stuff about me that is unique and different. I would never name my daughter Mara. Of course, 'junior' doesn't really exist for women. My fem-dar is screaming sexism, not that I particularly care. I guess it's the whole "continuing the family line" thing. Blah, blah, blah. On the other hand, that whole family line thing may see me visiting a chateau in France next summer. There are some benefits. And no, do not extend that for me to read "there are some benefits to sexism". I'd have to beat you.

Well, another young woman from the States just arrived to serve here. Her name is also Mara. (Mara Jamal - that's almost freaky, considering my older sister's name was Jamali!) Anyway. I'm having trouble liking her. Not her so much as, well...her name is a problem for me. Hey, I said I was a greedy freak. Several people have excitedly told me that their friend Mara was coming to serve (she pioneered to Kazakhstan - does she have to be freakin' cool to boot?). So now she's here. And she's in my old flat (did they plan that?!). And every time someone brings the two of us together, we say hello, look away, and then just sort of walk away from each other.

Rachael, my dearest, lovely, beautiful sister with whom I had the most bestest (female) fribling conversation ever today recommended that I tell her all the cool meanings to our name. I did. I think she thought I was a bit of a freak. Well, I guess I am. I did say I was. But then, hey, wouldn't you be proud if your name meant penis in another language? It's not everyday, you know....

So, I'm having some trouble getting over this and figuring out how to be friendly. On top of this, people are confusing us. I've never had a problem with people knowing who I was. I mean, I'm Mara. Isn't it fairly obvious? She's been here 3 days and already we've been confused twice. I never thought I'd have to identify myself to friends as, "Hi, this is Mara Fojas." I guess I'll have to adjust. I got to a dinner party Friday night, and the host opened the door and rather puzzledly said, "I thought you we're coming late?" I replied, equally as puzzled, "I just called you to ask if it was okay if we came early!?" Like, hello what? Twilight Zone?!?! His reply, "Oh, I thought that was Mara...uh, the other Mara." Wah....sigh. Soooo weird! Then, other people started to come in and introduce themselves and I thought I'd watch peoples reactions, thinking they'd say something like "What, two Maras? What're the chances of that?"

You guessed it. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. No reaction. I was shocked. Almost mortified. Hello people! This is crazy freaky!! Nothing.

Wow, do I have to get over this! Big time! Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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yep, you are a freak! ha ha, What you need is adefining nickname, or...since she's new make up a nickname for her(or get someone else to) and then you'll be mara and she'll be mylar or whatever:) There are two Rachaels (I'm one) in my education classes so I go by Rae. Or, since you like Noelle so much you could start going by Mara Noelle...anyhow, goodluck.

Actually, when I first came here, I decided I'd try going by Mara Noelle...everyone complied of course, but finally I asked them to stop because I kept jumping out of my skin each time someone would sort of raise their voice to get my attention and say "Mara Noelle!" It conjured up too many childhood memories of being reprimanded! Hahahahhaa!

And Mendon thinks that I am a master at inspiring guilt!
I remember going through the first 19 years of my life without meeting another Stephanie. It took me quite a bit to get used to the idea once I did. There were only two Stephanies at Marietta and they put us on the same dorm floor (one phone, 100 girls), but that still isn't as bad a Susan. There were five on our floor alone, two in my room. Talk about confusing!
I still feel funny when there is another Stephanie (there still aren't too many of us), or when I have to call someone else by my name.

I am Mara Noelle too. I am 45 years old, been Mara Noelle a long time. I dropped my last name and use my middle name, Noelle, as my last name now because I like the name so much.

There is also a Maura Noel in Santa Cruz California.

Doesn't make sense to be possesive of the name. I am just thankful that my parents to blessed me with such a wonderful name.

I am Ruby Slippers on the radio, my show is Click Your Heels Together. You can hear me broacast at kvmr.org. I am just getting trained on that particular station so the broadcast times are spotty in the beginning.

Mara Noelle

Hey, Sis.

As far as I'm concerned, there's only one Mara and that's you.

You are the canonical Mara Noelle, too, self-promoting community DJs from Nevada notwithstanding.

HELLO!? What is up with that?!?!

Thank you, Nathan.

I think you all over reacted. It was kind of like she was lurking in the bushes, waiting for an opportunity to jump into the conversation, but not as weird as y'all made out.

Well I believe you said I was the only one who could get away with calling you Mar Mar, but if you feel the need to share...

or you could always go Persian and just start calling yourself Mara Joon.

But seriously, if I could put up with having anther Valerie B. as a roommate, I think you'll survive.

Greetings from Maura Noel in Santa Cruz. Yes I'm Maura (like Laura only with an M), not Mara. I've met other Maura's but no Mara Noels. S'all yours dear!

Alright folks, just an update to let y'all know I'm over this, Mara and I are friends and it's all good.

One point of my blog is to put my ideas down and forget them, so please don't think I've been fuming over this for 3 months! Cheers - comments closed.

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