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I've been sort of quiet lately. I've had lots to say, but when one does not go to work one generally has no acess to a computer. But here I am, logged in on my dial-up at home.

Last weekend was a super blast. Friday evening we went with some friends to Herzliyya. It's a suburb of Tel-Aviv where many of the diplomat families live (the American school is there...). There are tons of cool restaurants there. Basically the only reason to go there. So, we went to Zozobra, a pan-Asian noodle bar and then --- Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar. Yes, you read that right. A chocolate bar. With unrefined cacao being churned in huge vats and then piped, yes piped, over to where they are serving the chocolate dishes. Oh yes, even this chocolate snob totally loved it! For some pictures, check this out: I'd give you the link outright, but for some reason my ability has been revoked temporarily. Maybe because I'm on a Mac? I don't know...

Then on Saturday our Ruhi 2 class had a reunion with a superhero theme. That ROCKED. I'd show you pictures, but well ... who knows, one of us may decide to go on to have some sort of public career. These photos could be damaging :-) In any case, I was "Lexi Lass" - words were my superpower. Mark was Non-Sequitor Man. Also in our company were Paparazzi, Catwoman [as in the large earth-moving vehicles] and Captain Kick Your Butt. And we called our tutor who now resides in Spain! yaya - lotsa' fun!

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Mara, I hate to bring this up, but I have read that there might be a connection, for some people, between chocolate and migraines. I hope not, in your case? Anyway, I thought you didn't really like chocolate. . . or has being married to Mark (who does truly love it) cured you?

Mark has influenced my chocolate habit - I only like dark chocolate now, but I do still avoid chocolate anytime a migraine is approaching. Of course, if it triggers one, well... who knows. According to anybody just about everything could be a migraine trigger. Maybe I'll reduce my diet to astronaut ice cream and see if that gets rid of my migraines... And I really don't eat much chocolate.

Oh! the pictures are great. I am so coming to hang out. Mark and his face and you and the friend whose name i don't know. I am so jealous. Enjoy the little chocolate that you do eat. i have too much here! Oh, what great photos. I still need to figure out how to post photos:)

Dude, go to Upload File and follow the prompts. When it says Browse, click and find the photo you want. I usually embed the image, and ignore the whole Local Path blah, blah, blah. Then you're done. [usually, pretty much]

Good luck


What's up with the masks? I don't quite get it.

They're the dessert menu!!!!

It's a Chocolate Bar! Plus, they have Dessert?!!??? What do you have for dessert after chocolate?!?!?

Okay - dessert menu from Zozobra (we didnīt have any there though - 'cause we went to the chocolate bar...)

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