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Today is 1 December.

My parents arrive here 29 December. Since it is December, I now permit myself to start an official countdown until when they arrive!

28 DAYS!

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So I can count down too! And I bet the days are the same for both of us! I have started to mentally pack, but haven't started really packing. I'm going to start by defrosting the freezer. Don't ask me how they are connected.

So if today is the 2 and we are leaving the 28th, I have 26 days left, right? And I still have to make an apron form Jaci for Christmas.

Ma is bringing my birthday gift to you. You are gonna LOVE it!

How exciting!!! Ooooh - I'm so excited!!

And two more books came last night for Mark. I am marking the recipes I want him to make for me! (hehehehe:-)

Got the freezer done on Saturday. Boy, do I hate that chore.

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