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More proof that I can dance. This was a super fun dance, and thankfully the beat was obvious and easy to follow. Fortunately, you cannot tell that my face was spasming in this picture! The others in the picture are, opposite me, Canan (Turkey), front left Tamila (Kyrgyzstan) and opposite her, Tahmina (Kazakhstan), who taught us the dance.

After this performance somebody asked Mark where I had trained... heeheehee. That was a good feeling compliment. I'll just bask in that for a moment, if you don't mind.

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You get to wear the funnest costumes! I would have loved to have seen this and the other. To replace all the dance recitals of your youth that never happened because I didn't get you into dance class. Sigh.

Instead, we can subject you to videos! :-)

I love this picture! It makes me smile (Certainly a lot more than the essay for my French final does...). I actually enjoy all of your dance-related pictures. I think they make me feel better about sitting and doing little besides procrastinating on my work. : )

Oh... I'm not sure why they should make me feel that way, about working specifically.. it's likely that the smiling and dancing just make me feel better in general. There. That's more logical.

Good luck on finals, Kristen. That goes for Mendon, too! :-)

But you did dance in workshop, no? That's where you got your training:) Eric is away in a trip, I've been wrapping gifts and weightlifting as you sent me pictures to do so all while listening to a CD Eric made me back in college:) I'm feeling much better about Christmas this year since I actually helped buy the presents to give people. I think it will help me feel better about getting presents. Now the thing to worry about is skiing...but all my friends here say that once I get the knack I will love it. Here's hoping! I can spend my time tubing if I totally flop.
I've been trying to get Eric to take dance lessons with me. I think it is such a beautiful thing, and it's pretty much the only musical talent I have at all! I'm thinking of taking ballroom dancing on wednesdays for a few months and see how it goes.

That's the thing, Rae! I almost never danced in workshop - it was made clear I didn't have rhythm, so I just started doing backstage work....

Rae, are you guys decorating for Christmas? Can we see pictures? Good luck on the skiing. Let me know how it goes. Mark also loves skiing ... and I'm just as reticent as you are! Maybe we should all go skiing together, and you and I can keep each other company on the bunny hill :-)

Another area of life where I failed. I never allowed you to join the ski club.

I went ski-ing once with U. Cluade when he was at Harvard and I was in high school. Not a very successful event. He was a successful skier and I was a dorky (and very, very un-physically inclined) high schooler. It was pretty miserable. I remember going down the bunny/beginner slope and approaching the bottom and thinking, "Okay, now how do I stop?" I think maybe it would have been a good idea to have figured that out before I went downhill.

I don't think I ever asked. It was so expensive ($80, which in junior high seemed astronomical), and every year someone broke at least a leg. Seeing as how I readily 'learn from others' or, as some would say, I am 'risk averse' - that was enough for me :-)

Sweet! you'd better have at least twelve dances lined up for when i come to visit next summer!

12?! What do you think I am, some kind of machine?!

So, are you done w/ finals?

Someone wanted to join the ski club. Which one of you was it? And it was expensive. At that time it was astronomical. It is not just a matter of perspective. Maybe of priorities.

Oh well, maybe it was me.

Nae posted a comment about childhood that is making me feel better about my role as a nelegant parent. (now if only I knew how to include a link!)

i like the pict... i love the fact that there are so many cultural performances in the BWC that allows everyone serving there to learn something new about all those places that we have not heard of so much.

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