I Have A Book In My Head

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Is that a disturbing thought for you? It is for me.

Mainly, because I don't like to write. I certainly don't have a flair (Violetta has flair, so does my sister, Rachael). And yet, as much as I encourage others to write, and swear up and down that I can't write well - okay, I can but it it sheer torture to all involved - I get the sneaking suspicion I have a book in my head. And every day is a step closer. Granted, at that rate I figure I still have about 10 miles to go. Let's see... 1 step a day x 10 miles = a really long time. We'll see where it leads. I wouldn't stay tuned or anything, as I said, it's not developing quickly, but on occasion I feel like I'm on the verge of something big and I just happen to be in one of those moods. Mental and spiritual growth spurt, I guess.

On another note, we took my parents around Israel this weekend. As I mentioned earlier, I don't have the flair of Violetta to describe the trips we took, but we had a good time. We covered probably the entire north of the country (okay, not the Golan Heights), but we saw ancient Greek & Roman ruins, Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee, visited Akko, ate good food, went to a Druze village (don't ask me about the Druze - even they don't know who they are), saw the Jordan River valley (WOW) and enjoyed good company and great music. The feeling of history is inescapable here. Being from the States, where 200 years is old, seeing something from 2000 B.C.E. is exhilarating - nearly incomprehensible. All I kept thinking was "I learned about this in history class!" When I learned "American" history, we frequently toured fully intact sites of our history. The thought that I could view something like that 4000 years older, well, was just out of the realm of comprehension - and some of it amazingly intact. This country is so beautiful, and yet so wretched at times - such an agonizing experience.

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oooh you have to tell us EVERYTHING about that book! :)

One bit of advice I have for your writing, is to write down dialogue as you go. The events are easier to recapture. If you hear- or take part in- a conversation you like, be sure to write it down. That way your book will have realistic dialogue.

I think that book might be your doctoral dissertation. Once you have figured out what it is going to be.

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