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Kristen is the newest Baha'i in our family. My mom just called me, and at first I thought the line had gone dead - she couldn't speak she was so moved. All our love to you Kristen, as always. When we're in the Shrines next I imagine we will all take a moment to request that Baha'u'llah, the Bab and Abdu'l-Baha guide and assist you.

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Congratulations:) You look gorgeous!

Maman called you? But she's in Israel, isn't she?

Yes, she called me. We were all at 'work' - so Mommy called me from her office. She's helping out in the Audio-Visual Department and Daddy is helping out (this week) at our grocery store. He's actually consulting for them - with his experience from Sysco!

Thank you; all of your thoughts and prayers (besides being rather humbling) are very appreciated. I think the humility has something to do with "the process of some profoundly moving experiences" but, "I neither realize I'm going through it nor do I want to talk about it." Thanks for those words, Mara, they were too appropriate to neglect. It likely also just comes from being realistic. (Back to something relevant:) thank you!

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