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Every once and a while, I show up at work with a suit coat on and people say "wow, Mara, you look so professional today!" I won't comment on how silly I think that comment is, just know that I think that's silly.

The other day, I don't know, I think I was wearing some black/white plaid pants [that don't look as bad as that sounds], a purple sweater & a scarf of various muted pink hues. In fact, I had pink barrettes in my hair, too. Someone commented that she thought I looked professional. I smiled and thought "even with these silly pink clips in my hair?!" And then she added, "I feel like you should be carrying a violin case."

She made my day. I think I started channeling beams of sunshine throughout my body. I was glowing - a professional violin player? - I'll be happy to look like that any day. From now on, I think I'll just assume everyone is saying that I look like a professional violin player every time they tell me I look professional!

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hahaha... its hilarious.. hopefully none of those ppl that coment on your professionalism reads this blog!
but hey.. i love looking professional.. especially when you are not meant to look it.. and then when you are.. you can just wear some random pink barrettes on your hair :D

Maybe they thought you looked like a professional Mafia Dona, a hired killer with your machine gun in your violin case. . .

Ooooh! Even better! Alias, here I come!

[what's really funny, is that the woman who made the violin comment IS Italian!! hahahaha!]

prolific, prolific, prolific!
Today I had to go to an interview with the University something to do with my R.A. and where I'll be living next year. I think it was with Judicial Affairs. whatever that means. all I heard was "injunction" and I just tuned out.

honestly, I had an interview with the residence department for an R.A. position today. it was two and three of a three interview process. we were told to dress "business casual." i wore the best clothes I had. I wore a nice sweater and wrinkled khakis. I don't think anyone noticed the wrinkles (hope). it went well except that I was utterly appalled that four out of six Miami students who apply for an R.A. position think that a person who is racist but skilled is more valuable to society than a ten year old Native American deaf girl or a femenist doctor!
Ok, Ok, admittedly we were under pressure but i'm still upset. as a group we had to choose seven of fifteen people to create a new society on a distant island. who would we want to send to the island to generate this new culture? Myself and the one black student in the group, she probably felt overwhelmed, couldn't abide the thought of letting a Neo-Nazi into the group. I'm proud to say that I have a little more insight into what white wealthy culture values these days!

I remember that activity. THe interesting thing is they are mostly watching to see how you discuss your opinions in a group...but perhaps there is a secret code. If your group doesn't choose the right peopel...buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, you're out.

That's not fair!
I'm Never told that I look like a violinist, let alone a Professional one.
Really. In my Women's Health course, we played the "I'm saying two things about me and only one of them is true" game. I asked them: had I've played violin for over 10 years, or did I get certified as a yoga instructor last summer? 1. I'm incredibly out of shape. 2. This is a HEALTH course; these girls live at the rec, and not one has seen me in a yoga class. I was amazed that they all seemed to think that I'm a yoga instructor.
(What's kind of funny is that the goal of this "game" is to find something outrageous about yourself that people won't be able to guess. Well, go figure I remember that I've played the violin for 10 years... but I FORGET that I MADE the violin that I'm playing for hours each day. Mendon reminded me of this later and I felt very... oblivious.)

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