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Okay, granted I imagine only people who shave their armpits could relate to this.

But anyway, have you ever noticed how sticky armpit skin feels?

I'm talking about clean armpit skin. You know - wash the armpit with soap, scrub with a sponge/washcloth/puff thing - randomly touch skin. I swear, it's sticky. Why? No other skin on my body feels this way. Is this because of the glands that hang out there (subaceous?)? I know it's not the hair - for example, my legs don't feel like that.

It doesn't matter the kind of soap. It doesn't matter if you wash with the soap for 30 seconds or 10 minutes. It doesn't matter how long or hard you scrub with whatever you may or may not scrub with. Armpit skin is sticky. Without deodorant (or anti-perspirant, I'm using the term to encompass both), it remains sticky and usually gets stickier throughout the day.

And don't go telling me its the deodorant I use or do not use. I've used the 'crystal' deodorant, and frankly, other than possibly being a weapon of mass destruction it is useless (at least for me). I've gone without deodorant, and for that I apologize to everyone who had to be in any confined space with me for any amount of time.

I've taken human genetics, I've taken chemistry (and studied deodorant & anti-perspirant in the class) - I know the science behind our armpits and the products we use on them. I still don't understand why they have to be sticky. This is not skin you would wish to run your fingers over in a distracted manner. They might get stuck.

Anyway. Armpits.

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Yeah. They really stink. . .

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