Brief Thoughts on Life and Gardening


1. While I was reading some of my earlier blog entries (i.e. Nov. 2003, etc...) I suddenly realized I felt like I was reading someone else's blog. Huh. Weird.

2. I am SOOOOO excited about the Arts & Crafts Show on Saturday!! I submitted the first ever scarf I knit (okay, I knit one way back when I was like 14, but I totally had to relearn). And it's beautiful and cool - and I managed to not drop or add any stitches. I've learned that no matter how meditative knitting might be, I absolutely cannot knit when I have a migraine coming on. Nope, nope.

Anyway, the Show will be so awesome! Oh, I submitted some rice bags, too - and it seems everyone is pretty psyched about them. Too bad I couldn't get my act together to make more. (sigh)

3. The people who lived in our flat before we did have returned for a few months. They love the garden, so in exchange for their gardening services Mark is going to help them get their laptop set up. Woohoo - we all feel like winners. Getting others to barter comes so easily to me :-) I wonder if their reappearance will strike fear in the heart of our downstairs neighbor. They never really got along (go figure).

4. I've been asked to teach jewelry making to a few people - exciting! I haven't done it in awhile, but I've been wanting to do it and simply was not motivated... (see n. 2 - is this endemic?)


I think you will have fun with the jewelry again. I did. I made earrings with Mary Kochevar for our Elegance Refreshed. In the bargin, the Women's Center bought all my supplies, so whatever was left over I got to keep. Great compensation, in my mind. We had a great time, everyone loved their earrings and I got a ton of supplies for my efforts. All earring supplies, but that's okay. As a matter of fact, maybe I will make earrings for Saturday night's Ayyam'i'Ha party -- one pair for each women and a few spare for guests. That sounds like fun, no?

I hope to see pictures from the Art's and Craft show? Or at least, your scarf. Of course, now you can start another one, since you have more yarn.

lol, speaking of arts and crafts. Rachael recently was made a beautiful necklace and earings by kristen. You guys are like four pears in a fruitbowl at home!

Nannie, I'm afraid you need to refresh my memory on how to start...

And I'll try to remember the camera.

How to start knitting? Make the loop on you finger and slip the needle in from the bottom, make another, etc. That is the easiest way to start. I bet you can find pictures online or borrow Edward's book.

Speaking of gardening. I did some research and discovered that the cucumbers that I enjoyed so much in Israel are kidma cukes. I am having trouble finding seeds here. Do you think they might have seeds somewhere there that you might send me? They were the best cucumbers I had ever ever, ever eaten! And I would love to try growing them. I mean, if one is going to go to the trouble of having a garden, why grow what you can easily buy?

I'll work on the seeds.

I am trying like crazy to find Kidma seeds too. Please e-mail me if you find a source. Best tasting cukes I have ever eaten.

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