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I'm seriously beginning to think about editing. I love it, I know I'm capable - now I just have to work on the network connection ... we'll see. I think I have some good leads.

Get this, women of the world: you know those high-end jobs we're not getting? Check out NewScientist - they have an article (October 2004) that says some of that is because we simply don't apply for jobs if we don't meet all the qualifications, whereas men will apply for a job if they have 50% of the qualifications. Hmm - that seriously would have never occurred to me. In my mind, if something is missing it's because I'm not qualified! Well, who'd have known. I'll have to work on that one - no wonder women think they're being managed by incompetent buffoons (drr!). Okay, okay, that was mean - but think about how many women are most likely more qualified than certain men who are in higher-ranking positions? Hmm....

Something else the article said was that some companies (research firms & universities) are beginning to get much more 'family friendly' because it's good economics. Money may just save us in the end. People are finally figuring out that having women on board (basically, diversity in general) means higher profits. Yeah, 'cause we rule! :-) Oh man is Nathan going to have something to say about this! I know I'm being simplistic about the details, and slightly anti-andro in my lilt, but this is a blog - and mine at that.

In any case, that is really exciting for me as I've been talking about needing a paradigm shift in the concept of work, work hours, work advancement, etc. This article tackled these issues, and discussed how some companies are doing just that - and finding that it's good for business (and job retention) too. How exciting!

Another exciting note is that I have been able to implement my thesis in my work! That is so exciting for me! I knew there was a reason I put myself (and a few choice others, Mark primarily) through that hell. Woohoo!! [Thanks to Joany & Ian for their super-supportive and generous guidance!!]

Oh, so if Mark get's an MBA, he'll need to take the GMAT, not the GRE - so anyone have GMAT study materials?

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I found the article (http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg18424676.400), but I can only read the first paragraph. How frustrating! I don't really want to pay for this. Do you guys subscribe? (I'm so cheap!)

I wanted to comment on the rest of your blog, but I got distracted. Maybe I'll come back to it. Maybe I'll get back to work, too.

hmmmmm... I'd have to say that I've only worked for one qualified boss, ever. That includes boss genders. Unfortunately, he is my father. I'm probably a little biased, but man did that guy know his stuff!

*boss genders=both genders

No, we don't subscribe - it gets circulated amongst a few people at the BWC. It's a very good magazine though. I spent about 3 hours one Saturday morning trying to figure out a logic puzzle they had...

I remember what I was going to comment on. Using your thesis. That is FanTasTic! Doesn't it make you feel good? And now you should do a check of some sort (I don't know how) to see if others are quoting you. I don't even have a copy of my thesis. I didn't print a copy for me a the time and I thought I had kept it on disk, but I can't find it, so it is lost to posterity. Your thesis was a scholarly work and well done. You should be proud of it. I am so glad that it is even having some practical use.

I think there are practice tests on-line. They are not practice materials, but a place to start, to get a feel for what the test will be like.

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