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College: the joys of choosing a major are many, and many of us either have, or know friends who have had difficulties in choosing one. I always found it particularly ridiculous when the aforementioned people would actually go through the hassle of changing their major on paper. Oof - too much hassle for me. I just told people when I changed my mind about a major: international business, teaching English as a second language, sociology ... finally, almost by default - French.

Well, in essence this is what this post is about. Mark and I change our minds so frequently about what we want to do next that each of you probably has a different perception about just what we'll be doing...

So, here goes:

Basically, Mark wants to open a restaurant, we want to have children, and somewhere in there I'd like to figure out just what I want to do besides raising children.

Some possibilities:

1. Austin
2. Portland (Oregon)
3. Pittsburgh
4. Chicago
5. Ohio (Cleveland/Columbus area)

Now, these look like they're in a specific order, but I wouldn't count on it. Some of them are definitely on the list because that's where family lives rather than where our heart is set. And sometimes family just wins - cause it just does.

Recently, we were speaking with some awesome friends of ours, Eric & Tricia, on the way back from some yummy food in Herzliyya. Tricia happens to have a PhD in psychology - her dissertation was about the struggle women face between work and family - jackpot! And, of course, she got her PhD while raising children, and Eric got his masters while raising the same children (the degrees were obtained at different times) (double jackpot).

So, a current idea is that when we return, Mark gets his MBA (Chicago probably - either Northwestern or U. of Chicago), I work while he does that - children may factor in once that's done, he then starts up said restaurant - and once the children are out of infancy, and hopefully I've had enough time to figure out just what I'd like a Phd in, I can return to school. Of course, once the MBA is completed, who knows where we'd go.

But anyway, now you have an idea. For now. This week.

And if anyone's got a copy of the Princeton Review for the GRE, would you mind mailing it to us? We'd be most appreciative!

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I am refraining from commenting on your plans because I don't want to be seen as telling you what to do. On the other hand, I want you to know I have read this and care - deeply - about your plans.

No, wait, I do have a comment to make. Location. The three top factors in success of a business are location, location, and location. That being said, of course, I would love it for you to locate near me. But if you want your restaurant to succeed, shop your market. And I think Ohio and Pittsburgh are not your best shot, much as I would like to have you within driving distance.

true. DC or Alexandria are grand places for restuarants and would be close to some family. We shoudl all migrate here! It's a fabulous place and I can tell you where the great schools are:)

COME TO AUSTIN! *just being selfish and wanting you to be close:)*

The left-handed row boat is waiting for it's inventor to figure out how to make it! The wrong way street light is about to make it on the market. Many new candies are made each day. None of these is significant compared to a decision about what to do with the rest of your life. Being a Mom and Dad sometimes is difficult when you try to plan it. Following your dream is important only if it doesn't disregard your loved ones in attaining it. Together you will figure it out day by day. It is what life is seemingly all about: ie making decisions together which affect you together. I am sure that when you have questions or really wish to consult about something you will feel free enough to ask someone. On Sonja's theme of being a bit selfish, I would like to be a grampuh one day soon. So whoever is first will probably get really's atough job, but somebody has to do it!
love, yo papa

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