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Naw Ruz



Here's a picture our friend Edward snapped of us after the Naw Ruz [new year] celebration last week. Behind us is the Shrine of the Bab. That bindi was a gift from Kristen, who sometime in August is set to become the newest addition to this Dornbrook clan! Hopefully, sometime in the near future someone in this great clan will have the resources to upload a picture of the two of them - together - alone - smiling (ahem, hint, please?).

Also, I would like to direct you to my mother's blog where you can view a picture of my oh-so-cool father in his brandy-new scrubs as he has begun his clinicals to become a respiratory therapist!

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You know, I keep thinking I've got something to say to find that, even if I do, I simply haven't had time to do much blogging. For example, on ... I don't remember - Tuesday, maybe? - was International Water Day [as proclaimed by the UN]. I thought that was cool and thought "this would be the perfect time to blog about my growing addiction to water". And it would have, wouldn't it? Except, I didn't.

It's been hectic at work and hectic out of work. Of course, there was Naw Ruz, which is enough to make things vaguely hectic because it's a holy day. Then we rented a car and travelled a bunch during the weekend and the day off that we had for the holy day. On top of that we had two dinners, in a row, of making bao for like 10 people each (Oof!). And work was busy because two new Universal House of Justice members were being elected [my small contribution was make sure the announcement got translated into French and Spanish]. And since both of the new members were formerly Counsellors members of the International Teaching Centre, well we can expect that message to go out soon, too.

And now my brother is getting married in August! And we might be going to Spain to visit Mark's parents next month! And who knows what we're doing in 10 months time!

I suppose that's a bit of it - I'm at loose ends right now, at least a bit. I don't do real well not knowing sort of what my life plan is (I know - control freak). And we do have two wonderful options: A) stay here in my dream job and have children or B) go home and have babies. Of course, it's more complicated than that, but I would be happy with either decision. And I think it would be inappropriate to say anything more that is obviously work-related in this format.

Anyway, I need to go to bed. But I'm still alive, if there were any doubts.

Oh, and for those in the States - I heard there was a bombing in Texas. I don't know why you choose to live in that dangerous country. You need to start thinking about your future. :D



Does anybody else change their hair when they have big life decisions to make - or are feeling generally ... anxious, unsettled, ready for a change, etc.?

I think a person could almost read my moods by my hair. I dye my hair, I get hair cuts - sometimes I hold out long enough (or am just too lazy) that the changes don't happen, but I'm considering chopping my hair short again. If you read this blog regularly, you might rightly think "hmm, I think this is a mood haircut." I also dyed my hair w/ henna recently - not that anyone noticed (just a bit o' red). I guess that's one advantage of doing something to my hair, I can feel like I've "made a change" and others won't even necessarily notice anything.

Of course, I'm in Israel. My regular hairdresser (Elishia) left Israel ... in December. And she was cheap (a bit o' chocolate & good music would make her happy!) - which is good because I'm still not used to paying for a haircut. Fortunately, my mother just happened to be in town in January, so my last haircut was with her (just a trim - and I had to move to Israel to get her to cut my hair again! - thank you, Nannie!!). I could get on the waiting list of the lady who cuts hair here at the BWC ... or I could pay for one, but they seem so expensive here! I heard someone saying they'd "only" paid 180 sheks for their haircut (only $42!!! Gah!!). The only time I paid that much (ok, twice that much) was when I got my hair cut and dyed purple (charged me for 2 dyes, since they had to bleach it first). I don't plan on doing that - or paying that much, oh ... ever.

This is one reason I don't mind going back to the States - I know how to do this stuff, I know what is a reasonable price range, I know who is good, etc. - and if I don't, I know who to ask... it's just easier because I know the system (obviously, I mean more than just for haircuts).



This past Friday we broke the fast with another couple, Vaishali & Vijay, by having a BBQ on the beach. Now, before you go and get all jealous about how warm it is here, well, it isn't - maybe in the low 60s - maybe. In any case, we were all wearing coats, hats, etc. and at one point my fingers went numb. And we were on the beach - the wind was raging. However, we had a blast (literally and figuratively, hehheheheh)! We introduced them to s'mores and had tandoori chicken kebabs (OMG! Awesome!). And we laughed endlessly about how ridiculous the whole situation was. It will definitely be one of the wonderful memories we take with us when we leave Israel.

Saturday we spent the day at Bahji. We went specifically to pray about what our 'next step' should be. We then had a very productive discussion about what our most preliminary step should be...but of course, we had prayed our hearts out to Baha'u'llah to guide us. Those prayers have an effect, and well, we're still rather undecided, but now we're thinking of a whole new direction. One I don't think we had ever seriously considered before. Not that I'm going to say what it is. Obviously our lives have been changing quite a bit lately - no point in telling you every notion that enters our mind. [so, basically, I'd be willing to discuss it offline, if you wish]

In any case, I think Mark and I are more convinced than ever that prayers work, are powerful, and God is occasionally willing to be hit-you-over-the-head obvious. Because at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday morning we think He was. [it was a phone call, don't go looking for major events on the Web or anything]

Happy Birthday, Rahmat!!!

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Oh yes, you think you're safe down there in Argentina, but I have connections!!

Hope you had a great birthday, cus!

My Ovaries Are Getting Old


That's right, folks. My ovaries are getting old.

That's from my gynecologist, who added, "In every other way, you're young." OK, so English isn't her first language - and she's Israeli (they're known for being blunt), but having a kid at 31 or 32 doesn't exactly make headlines. But today I got the whole shpeal (sp?) about my biological clock ticking. Yeah - we've discussed that haven't we? I think I may have mentioned that I might as well refer to it as my time bomb? Yeah, I really don't need any reminders.

On top of it, I found out just now that my replacement isn't coming. At least not the one in the works. Another applicant may be on its way, you never know, but then, you never know.



Well, my attempts to fast lasted approximately 3 1/2 hours (before those of you fasting even woke up for your first day of the Fast). Then the familiar pulsating feel arrived in my cheek - and without water (and food) it would have quickly deteriorated from there. No point in fasting if I'm inoperable...

Just so you know, comments are suspended at the moment due to the mean, ugly boogeyman (spammer [hacker?] extraordinaire). They should be available in a few days.

I'm glad I don't work this Friday. We have a number of pilgrims here that we know and must tend to because

1. Anne would kill us if we didn't
2. Well, Rich is a bit sick - we can't abandon him!
3. Gosh darn it! We like 'em!

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