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You know, I keep thinking I've got something to say to find that, even if I do, I simply haven't had time to do much blogging. For example, on ... I don't remember - Tuesday, maybe? - was International Water Day [as proclaimed by the UN]. I thought that was cool and thought "this would be the perfect time to blog about my growing addiction to water". And it would have, wouldn't it? Except, I didn't.

It's been hectic at work and hectic out of work. Of course, there was Naw Ruz, which is enough to make things vaguely hectic because it's a holy day. Then we rented a car and travelled a bunch during the weekend and the day off that we had for the holy day. On top of that we had two dinners, in a row, of making bao for like 10 people each (Oof!). And work was busy because two new Universal House of Justice members were being elected [my small contribution was make sure the announcement got translated into French and Spanish]. And since both of the new members were formerly Counsellors members of the International Teaching Centre, well we can expect that message to go out soon, too.

And now my brother is getting married in August! And we might be going to Spain to visit Mark's parents next month! And who knows what we're doing in 10 months time!

I suppose that's a bit of it - I'm at loose ends right now, at least a bit. I don't do real well not knowing sort of what my life plan is (I know - control freak). And we do have two wonderful options: A) stay here in my dream job and have children or B) go home and have babies. Of course, it's more complicated than that, but I would be happy with either decision. And I think it would be inappropriate to say anything more that is obviously work-related in this format.

Anyway, I need to go to bed. But I'm still alive, if there were any doubts.

Oh, and for those in the States - I heard there was a bombing in Texas. I don't know why you choose to live in that dangerous country. You need to start thinking about your future. :D


Hi Mara,
Hope you are finding your way out in the wide world?!!! You sound like you need a shock-a-bo-koo like in Grosse Pointe Blank movie. It is a quick spiritual shift the thinking that changes your life forever I think. Hmmm...maybe just some nice fresh oxygen....yeah! That'd be good....Seems as we move thru the matrix we get better and better at it....check it out!


Uh... papa, it was a swift kick to the head that changed your outlook forever.

Yeah, those Texans, crazy! (there was a bombing? off to the news site to see if this is true!)

Just so you know, I can't find anything about a bombing in Texas. Don't know where they got that from - huh.

I think there was an oil refinery or something that blew up- Look on the front page of the News-Herald. There is a picture of a woman holding a baby. Inside there is a story, which I didn't read, but she was babysitting while the baby's mother went to check on her husband (actually, I think the article referred to him as the baby's father.)
Now, there was a massive shooting in Minnisota on an Indian Reservation. I want to say Rosebud, but I'm not sure. Another angst-filled teen gone berserk.

It was an oil place that exploded- causing even more concerns about gas prices and inflation. The boy's ma was brain damaged in a car accident, dad committed suicide and this kid even made a cartoon movie that pretty much included those events and all the while he was shooting people and then himself. His friends said he talked about guns. It seems to me to be another one of those 'no one thought he'd really do it" situations.
oh- I've been home on Spring break so that's why I'm totally in the know.

No, not Rosebud, it is an R though, like Red Creek or something.

Yeah, I didn't think Rosebud was quite right, but I don't know what it really is. Does start with an R, though.

Red Lake, Minn.

wow this is great! I don't even have to read the news! Thanks! So, let me get this straight, there was a bombing in rosebud/red creek at an oil refinery where a guy's mom was brain damaged and the baby's father commited suicide, and thenthe guy shot a bunch of people? I'm a little confused but Ithink I got the jist of it... no one thought he'd really do it!

Mark and Mara are coming back to Spain? It's a possibility that by the time you get here, I'll be somewhere else... details later, offline.

Keep me posted on the news!

k :o)

lol, Krisia! That about sums it all up! Actually, I think there were two different incidents, one in Red Lake, Minn. and one in Texas. Oil refinery, and baby were in Texas, shooting, mom's brain damage and dad's suicide in Minn.

Hmmm... maybe Apple is right in suing blogs...

what's this Mark? You need to update us on this one.

Mark's obscure reference (I'm saying this because I know he won't be checking this any time soon) is to the fact that Apple has sued blogs that have divulged 'trade secrets'. I'll let you figure it out.

The shootings were in RedLake, Minn.- look up the history of the name...Wow! and the explosion was in a Texas oil refinery. What't this about a baby though?

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