Well, my attempts to fast lasted approximately 3 1/2 hours (before those of you fasting even woke up for your first day of the Fast). Then the familiar pulsating feel arrived in my cheek - and without water (and food) it would have quickly deteriorated from there. No point in fasting if I'm inoperable...

Just so you know, comments are suspended at the moment due to the mean, ugly boogeyman (spammer [hacker?] extraordinaire). They should be available in a few days.

I'm glad I don't work this Friday. We have a number of pilgrims here that we know and must tend to because

1. Anne would kill us if we didn't
2. Well, Rich is a bit sick - we can't abandon him!
3. Gosh darn it! We like 'em!


Haha! The comments are working again!

Say halloo to Rich for us. And Ann if she came, too.

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