Does anybody else change their hair when they have big life decisions to make - or are feeling generally ... anxious, unsettled, ready for a change, etc.?

I think a person could almost read my moods by my hair. I dye my hair, I get hair cuts - sometimes I hold out long enough (or am just too lazy) that the changes don't happen, but I'm considering chopping my hair short again. If you read this blog regularly, you might rightly think "hmm, I think this is a mood haircut." I also dyed my hair w/ henna recently - not that anyone noticed (just a bit o' red). I guess that's one advantage of doing something to my hair, I can feel like I've "made a change" and others won't even necessarily notice anything.

Of course, I'm in Israel. My regular hairdresser (Elishia) left Israel ... in December. And she was cheap (a bit o' chocolate & good music would make her happy!) - which is good because I'm still not used to paying for a haircut. Fortunately, my mother just happened to be in town in January, so my last haircut was with her (just a trim - and I had to move to Israel to get her to cut my hair again! - thank you, Nannie!!). I could get on the waiting list of the lady who cuts hair here at the BWC ... or I could pay for one, but they seem so expensive here! I heard someone saying they'd "only" paid 180 sheks for their haircut (only $42!!! Gah!!). The only time I paid that much (ok, twice that much) was when I got my hair cut and dyed purple (charged me for 2 dyes, since they had to bleach it first). I don't plan on doing that - or paying that much, oh ... ever.

This is one reason I don't mind going back to the States - I know how to do this stuff, I know what is a reasonable price range, I know who is good, etc. - and if I don't, I know who to ask... it's just easier because I know the system (obviously, I mean more than just for haircuts).


Sure, the whole hair thing is about control. What small thing do I have (more or less) complete and immediate control over? Makes perfect sense to me. I tend to act out by cleaning the house. Sometimes I feel like my life is out of control and closing in on me and the best way for me to regain control is to create order. You all know me well enough to know that this doesn't happen too often -- though I feel a bout of it coming on.


I just cut my own hair! Looks okay to me. Noone ever really notices unless I make a mess whatever you do, don't make a mess anywhere! HaHaHaHa!!!! Doing your hair is something you were born to do to make yourself happy for lots of reasons:style, mental health, showiness, convenience, others, stress, fun, change. Take your pick. I love to see diversity in is so hard in myself. You go girl!!!


My father just said "you go girl" to me.

Heeheeheehee...(I'm giggling as if I were 7 right now...heeheehee...with my fingers over my mouth...heeheeheehee...)

I love you, Daddy!!!

I shaved my head twice in the past 6 years, making a clean break i guess....
A few (wow! 10!)years ago I decided to stop using erlaxer in my hair to make it straight, back then it seemed so radical, now it is kinda normal... Living in Spain, I can't find the shampoo that I like, or much of anything that I use in my hair. I need a trim but it looks like I'll have to do it myself (I keep putting it off, because the thought of trimming my own hair is scary...).
Good luck finding a hairdresser!

OOH! i know what you mean! i now work with my bangs when i need a change... my hair is too long and it scares me to cut it... If i was there i would cut your hair, since it was like a second nature for me to cut people's hair in Haifa...
I dont even know how your hair looks like now... i will email you a few picts from this past week-end.. we had a minin bwc reunion in NM...
hope that the change that will make you cut your hair is a good one... love - sjo

On a more morbid note (this once was frightening to me but now I think that it's only terrifying to my loved ones, it's something that I laugh about) When I was in the Gambia I didn't bother to shave or cut my hair for a while. It started getting kind of crazy. I, like my hair, ran into an even that was very powerful and plummetted into a an awful depression. There I was, in Gambia, contemplating suicide. i was miserable like I've never been before. In light of the events that I encountered it makes sense now but wasn't remotely healthy. It was an illness.

Instead of cutting myself (lol i actually was thinking of dispatching myself in a different manner) I cut my hair and shaved. It was a remarkable change. I actually got the idea from a human sexuality book that I was flipping through randomly one day when I was at the AlSalahi's home. Uncle Muhammad had gotten for his son and I came across it. It was a little on the sexist side, suggesting that when women change their hair style it can signal a drastic change in mood and attitudes. It was a little bit of self therapy but worked wonders. I'd say, if you're thinking about cutting your hair then that means it's already too late. Go, cut that hair and post a picture so we can enjoy it.

*event, I ran into an event

Remember when I cut my own hair while I was at Ursuline?

No, but I sure do remember the haircut you gave Mensch when he was about 8 or 9! (hehh*heheee*eheheh*eheheheh*eheheh*heheee!)

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