My Ovaries Are Getting Old


That's right, folks. My ovaries are getting old.

That's from my gynecologist, who added, "In every other way, you're young." OK, so English isn't her first language - and she's Israeli (they're known for being blunt), but having a kid at 31 or 32 doesn't exactly make headlines. But today I got the whole shpeal (sp?) about my biological clock ticking. Yeah - we've discussed that haven't we? I think I may have mentioned that I might as well refer to it as my time bomb? Yeah, I really don't need any reminders.

On top of it, I found out just now that my replacement isn't coming. At least not the one in the works. Another applicant may be on its way, you never know, but then, you never know.


you may as well accept it. Either have children abroad or have children abroad. As Mark said, "Why not adopt... I mean, what with all of the poverty in the world it seems selfish to have a child of one's own."
have a happy fast

I am not getting into this discussion (though I would love to add my two cents worth!)

I love you, no matter how old your ovaries are!

Your doctor is crazy!

One of the greatest gifts that Mommy and Daddy gave us was to be young when we were groing up. And it's a good thing, too, because at this rate it's likely they wouldn't have lived to see their grandchildren.

On the other hand, I always thought I'd have kids by the time I was 24. Thank God I don't.

Nathan, your syntax is so mangled that I am not really sure what you mean. I am intending to live long enough to see my grand children, assuming that there actually are some. Here is the math.
If only Mendon has kids (because he is the youngest -- I am looking at the oldest I will be when grandchildern might be born), and (oh, dear this isn't going to work. Okay, let's move to Rae as the youngest daughter.) Let's say she has her first child at about the outside of her childbearing years, say 48. That would make me 77. Now, given my family history, that could be longer than my life expectancy, but I have been taking care of myself, exercising, eating well, lost weight, all the good things, so I could live that long. On the other hand, I suppose that I could die tomorrow (car accident or whatever). I guess the point is that I would love to see my grandchildren and am expecting to, but that it is actually quite irrelevant to the issue.

Yes, I just publicly said that presenting me with grandchildren is *not* a good reason to have kids. And I mean it. Yes, I will enjoy grandmotherhood, but my life will go on. Have kids for your own reasons. And because you will be fabulous parents, and you have much to pass on, and they will bring untold joys and richness to your lives, as you all have mine.

ooooh... hahaha.a.. that is soooo funny mara!!!
err.. i mean.. umm.. yah.. err..

haha... jk..

whatever your ovaries are getting old!!!!
my mum did not get married until she was 30 and had my sister at 32, me at 34 and brother at 36... you are fine :)

getting old an entering a realm of increased risk may be two different things. you're still in your twenties for goodness' sake. You're young and, therefore, so is the rest of you.

Thank you Mara, for reminding me of what I don't miss about Israel! hahahah..


Even in Hebrew, this comment would have been just as rude.

Remember the penis-size abortions? THAT is our context here.

And your replacement will come. I'm trying to do my best in my little realm here, to promote applications to come to the BWC...

LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!! You and your spring-fresh ovaries.

Violetta, Thank you for injecting some perspective into this discussion. Love to all of you.

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