Naw Ruz



Here's a picture our friend Edward snapped of us after the Naw Ruz [new year] celebration last week. Behind us is the Shrine of the Bab. That bindi was a gift from Kristen, who sometime in August is set to become the newest addition to this Dornbrook clan! Hopefully, sometime in the near future someone in this great clan will have the resources to upload a picture of the two of them - together - alone - smiling (ahem, hint, please?).

Also, I would like to direct you to my mother's blog where you can view a picture of my oh-so-cool father in his brandy-new scrubs as he has begun his clinicals to become a respiratory therapist!


Oh, Mara, bad news! I loaded Windows XP on my computer and the two things that don't work anymore are my Palm (a tragedy right there!) and the scanner! How can I post a picture when I don't have a scanner or the subjects? I won't be seeing them until May. Can you wait that long?

wow, your guys' clothes are wicked cool! I love it, no one would ever be able to tell that the two of you are Americans! anyhow, have fun.

uh, we'll see about the pic:)

Wow! you guys look great! I miss holy days in Haifa! I remember thinking that they were all so similar, I would never miss them. But now on every Holy Day I'm thinking, "I know exactly what I would be doing if I were still in the Holy Land right now!"
Have a wonderful year!

Thanks, Krisia! You, too - and I swear one day I'll get around to asking you more about your plans (Mark gave me a wee preview) :D

Not to panic, people. We're just trying to figure out how to make templates work for us.

Your site is getting fancy. I might develop blog-envy!

If you two ever get to a computer again, look on the web for wadi nisnas in Haifa Israel. Took me back to our visitation days or yore!
And...of course, you two look possitively smashing in your barong and indian garbs....lovely day here in Mentor. 51 degrees and sunny. I palnted carrots, lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas today along with two Lupines in honor of my memories of the Falkland Island Years.

Hello Mrs. Fojas,
What a lovely couple! Happy Naw-Ruz. Some of the persians are still be celebrating it, or at least they were yesterday, when I was given a chocolate in the Bahji Visitor's Center for the occaion.

The blog looks great with the changes in format and addition of photos. Inspired by yours and other blogs I've started one too, very basic though. But I already got a few comments, and was so delighted. And I remembered you asking me why I didn't post. So now I've decided to stop being a lurker.

Hi Selvi! You know, I think you're the only one who calls me Mrs. Fojas! Hahahaha! And the last time you called me that I realized ... it seems between you and Siyamak ... there seems to be a multitude of last names, so I don't which one would even be your 'married' last name! Hahhahahaha!

Then there was the time I forgot you were Mrs. Fojas and sent you a package (to the World Center) addressed to Mara Dornbrook. I swear, it was because Mark wasn't there with you yet. My mind just disassociated! (Sorry, Mark, no disrespect meant. I do love you and am happy that you are my son-in-law. Really.)

Hello Mrs. Fojas,
Maybe I just have married last name envy. I didn't change my name, so I'm Ms. Maidenname, which is what I've been since I started college. I ususally notice when women do take a married name and somehow enjoy referring to them as Mrs. Marriedname To me it seems somehow halfway between being grownup and playing house.

That's so funny! I went my Ms. Maidenname until I got married, and went by Ms. Marriedname - as Mrs. Marriedname is so obviously not me (to me), but I suppose the more people call me that (probably will start once we have more little people in our lives) that I'll get used to it ... though I suppose depending on their parents I may just get them to call me Ms. Marriedname. :-)

I too go by Ms. Married name. I made my fifth graders get it right- but with 6 yea olds I'm a bit more lenient.

Dear Ms. Fojas,
Thank you for the correction. In future I'll refer to you as Ms. Marriedname. I'd sort of forgotten that that was one of the options.
I've actually considered recently changing my name. Somehow the idea of little people arriving on the scene one day does put a new twist in the whole name question.

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