This past Friday we broke the fast with another couple, Vaishali & Vijay, by having a BBQ on the beach. Now, before you go and get all jealous about how warm it is here, well, it isn't - maybe in the low 60s - maybe. In any case, we were all wearing coats, hats, etc. and at one point my fingers went numb. And we were on the beach - the wind was raging. However, we had a blast (literally and figuratively, hehheheheh)! We introduced them to s'mores and had tandoori chicken kebabs (OMG! Awesome!). And we laughed endlessly about how ridiculous the whole situation was. It will definitely be one of the wonderful memories we take with us when we leave Israel.

Saturday we spent the day at Bahji. We went specifically to pray about what our 'next step' should be. We then had a very productive discussion about what our most preliminary step should be...but of course, we had prayed our hearts out to Baha'u'llah to guide us. Those prayers have an effect, and well, we're still rather undecided, but now we're thinking of a whole new direction. One I don't think we had ever seriously considered before. Not that I'm going to say what it is. Obviously our lives have been changing quite a bit lately - no point in telling you every notion that enters our mind. [so, basically, I'd be willing to discuss it offline, if you wish]

In any case, I think Mark and I are more convinced than ever that prayers work, are powerful, and God is occasionally willing to be hit-you-over-the-head obvious. Because at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday morning we think He was. [it was a phone call, don't go looking for major events on the Web or anything]


Well, picnics at the beach. a) it puts me in mind of our most memorable picnic at the beach -- in the Falklands. High summer (December, we had just gotten there) and we had a lovely picnic on the beach with Tim and Vicky Winteringham and Robert, the dentist. And Nae, of course. We were all bundled up in wellies and parkas and hats and mittens. It might have been somewhere in the fifties, but the sun (a rare sight there) was in full blaze and, of course, the wind was in full blow. Penguins just feet away. I felt like we were the only people to ever have been on this beach. The food was way less awesome. Probably Marmite sandwiches and mutton sandwiches with a thermos of tea, which tends to go blue if you leave it in there for more than 30 minutes.I think we have some pictures somewhere. It is an awesome memory. Thanks for taking me there.
And, b) It may not have been a typical 'day at the beach' warm, but it is *way*, *way*, *way* warmer than here! We are something like .5 inches from being the snowiest winter on record and it is currently 14 degrees. The lake is still frozen and the wind is whipping. The maple season is going to be either short or just lousy because the days haven't gotten warm enough for the sap to start flowing. Usually, March is still quite cold, but this is January cold. I am quite ready for winter to show signs of ending.

Another cold day at the beach memory -- one that I know you will all recall and you can explain to your friends. It was one of those rare warm days in March, suddenly warm - for March. Still in the fifties, though. We all trooped up to Headlands beach to walk along the beach, observe the changes in the shoreline made by the different wave action of winter weather, and do what we all loved to do - find interesting things to share and collect, enjoy each other's company. So here we are, kids all loaded with stones, shells, feathers and other treasures. We must have had some plastic bags. On the way back to the car, we came across a fish kill caused by the suddenly warmer weather. At my insistance (I am trying to tell this story without making me sound like some kind of child abusing maniac, but it is a real challenge), everyone emptied their bags of treasure and filled them with dead (and mostly dried) fish. Then we drove the 30 minute ride home. I laugh everytime I think of this story. Like, gales of maniacal laughter. Even though I am sharing it with you, I still find it quite embarressing.

Daddy and I have been saying prayers for you, too (as we do for all of you) in the Shrine of our hearts. (There is a part of the Shrines that I have taken away with me and try to access every now and then.) I try not to pray for a specific outcome, but for guidance and acceptance, so I won't be praying at cross purposes. Plus, I find that if I have my own agenda, it makes it more difficult to recognize God's. Or, if you prefer, opportunity.
Anyway, you have been very mysterious and a bit cryptic. I can't wait to read the rest of the story. Especially who called you at that ungodly hour!

I must admit that March beach memory is firmly implanted in my (what? 5 year old?) brain... And I laugh and giggle a lot at the memory, too. I remember the time and devotion I spent to collecting those stones and shells. To be told to sacrifice my treasures for the sake of DEAD FISH ... was incomprehensible to me! And besides, I love telling that story in your presence and watching you squirm (teeheehee!!).

Falklands - I remember the pictures - with one of Vicky 'petting' a penguin, no?

That would be the one!

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