Graham Crackers


I'd forgotten how much I loved graham crackers.

Now some may think this is related to my previous entry mentioning the making of cheesecake, but it actually only has a passing correlation. You see, I bought the graham crackers for the cheesecake, but then decided not to use it (so the cheesecake-loving-gluten-intolerant friend could have some).

Which left me with a box of graham crackers. To eat, of course.

Mmmmm. I love graham crackers. And you'd have to work pretty hard to convince me that I'm going to kill myself by eating graham crackers.


1 graham cracker
any desired amount of peanut butter
chocolate chips
large marshmallows

spread (or dollup) desired amount of peanutbutter on graham craker. press chocolate chips into peanut butter, add the marshmallow on top.

Serve: as prepared but try to eat the whole half of the graham cracker in one bite.

mara!!!! you HAVE TO send me pictures of the earings you have made!!!!

No, don't send them to sjona! Send them to me! Oh, that's right, this is the Age of the Internet! We can share! Post them for all of us to enjoy! Anyone hear from Vi lately?

Check her blog - she's back! And having soooo much fun in Paris it seems ... sigh ...

mmm...with milk, yogurt or melty marshmellows they are a delightful treat!

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